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  1. Lululemon and other branded yoga clothing/accessories: they're outrageously overpriced and misappropriate India's traditional knowledge Commercially available homeopathic remedies: just cut it out, we need solid scientific proof before you start making profits Cinnamon: I don't understand the appeal, at all Friends (the TV series): same as above Spin class: why would anybody spend money on this?
  2. Doctor who, Once upon a time, Scrotal recall, Gossip girl
  3. Think about all the people (your peers, mentors, the first generations around you, even professors in your new department) that might feel marginalized by your question. You might as well change the topic to "Chinese roommates" instead of being obscure about it. To be honest, regardless of how you phrase that question, it's going to sound somewhat offensive. There are all kinds of people in every culture and there's always some sort of trend to tag people based on their origins, but it doesn't work like that. Even if you don't get along with someone, they probably have a couple of good qualiti
  4. I think that still counts as generalizing people based on their nationality. You wouldn't really be able to find out if you can get along with that person unless you actually meet them.
  5. I was watching netflix and decided to check my email.
  6. If he has an assistant you should try calling her/him. I agree with babybird that he might be out of town. It seems unlikely that he would go back on his word
  7. One of my LORs was 2 weeks late and I still got in. I would phone the department because sometimes the admissions committee doesn't start reviewing applications a while after the deadline (but it doesn't happen very often so it really depends on the department).
  8. a. Make a to-eat list (no puns intended) b. finish the final round of experiments c. Plan out how I would approach the next 6 years of grad life d. Go to Disneyland (finally, after 10 years of agony) e. New contact lenses
  9. Having strong LORs and acing the interview. I feel like above a certain threshold your GRE scores won't matter I dedicated my time for exam studying (piece of cake) and attending lectures to my research and got some fantastic results. This helped tremendously during interviews because at this point 1. You already know that you're in love with your research (or not, in that case you need to figure out your interest because this is the most important part) and it's really easy for POIs to tell if you're genuinely interested! 2. There's no need to panic or feel like there's nothing to say b
  10. Go to the gym! Get that overwhelming energy out of your system and make the most out of the last month of your undergrad experience. I'm facing the same problem as you and as exams are approaching I'm trying to get myself back on track. If you have loads of lab work to finish like me, I would focus on that if you plan to leave the lab with a good reputation.
  11. My most recent dating experience is somewhat similar to yours! In my case I quickly figured out that I do not want to be with someone who isn't intellectually stimulating or motivated, so I kept things strictly physical until I decided not to lead him on. He's a sweet guy, good-looking and very caring, but that just wasn't enough for me. I know that I would rather date an average-looking guy who's incredibly smart and funny. I think that intelligence is one of those qualities that makes you sexier.
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