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  1. OP I think you have a really high probability of being admitted, given the way that's worded. I don't know how the review process works after that point tho. Like, I've been wondering about a kinda similar thing. A PI replied to one of my post-interview thank-you emails saying that I made a very good impression on them as well as 2 other faculty I interviewed with, and that the review process has moved to the graduate office level. Like, what is the scenario where the department recommends an applicant for admission but they still don't get in?
  2. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS?! this is a game changer.
  3. What I fear most: "I wonder if this kid is actually as hard-working as he is charismatic" "Yeah, I don't know, he seemed a little arrogant, do you feel like he was talking down to you at the interview?" "Kind of, but at the same time he really just seemed passionate about what we were talking about" "He's obviously smart, but his GPA is so low...has he matured since college? Is he going to end up being a liability for us?" "Good point, he seemed so relaxed and confident during the interviews, but the only way he could be like that is if he didn't really take neuroscience that seriously"
  4. Wow you are awfully young to be getting into grad school!
  5. I was trying to decide earlier today whether I was gonna give in to the waiting-game fever, I mean come on, the notifications will come when they come, it's out of my control, no need to get stressed at this point... but it looks like my brain made the decision for me, and I'm now solely focused on this. I can't focus on anything else. I feel like I'm walking around in a daze. I think it's just that there isn't anything in my life that is even close to grad school in importance right now. But am I really gonna let an entire week (potentially) of my life go to waste cuz of this???! Ye
  6. It's 2015. Send an email. This has the additional benefit of getting positive responses, perhaps even "informal" acceptances (or big hints that you'll be accepted).
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