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  1. It was an email, nothing in it about an actual letter in the mail to come although I expect that it will. I have until May 16 to reply. Anyway, keep checking -- since other people have been admitted before me, I suspect they do a rolling thing. GOOD LUCK!

  2. ohh nvm i just saw you posted on the results board :) guess i'll keep my eyes peeled for an email. congrats again and thanks for letting me know, i had lost all hope :)

  3. congrats! i am really happy for you. i guess there's still hope after all! did you get something in the mail or an email?

  4. Hey -- wanted to tell you that I got accepted into UofOttawa today. My infoweb account STILL has not been updated. Good luck! Rooting for you!

  5. still nothing. some people have gotten admits so i'm gonna assume it's a rejection. time for plan b.
  6. thanks for letting me know! getting nervous now! I guess our misery may be over soon. Good luck!!!

  7. Ottawa MA Communication started contacting! Eeee. Good luck!

  8. @everygirl at the bottom of the page... Key: A: American; U: International, with US degree; I: International, without US degree; O: Other; ?: Unknown. This person had an 'A' there. but who knows if it's true. :S When I got my first rejection I was pretty down for a few days. I think it's normal that it stings a bit... I hope everyone gets some (positive) news very soon!
  9. Ryerson is a great school. Heard back from them and I'm neither accepted, rejected or on the waitlist-simply undecided. Review again in May, AKA shot in hell. Oh well.

    Good luck again! This is a rough process.

  10. but thanks for the words of encouragement. it's funny, I saw you applied to Ryerson-I almost applied there too but chickened out at the last minute! It's such a good comm school. And yes, I am the poster from March 17th. I got an email, still haven't gotten a formal letter.. and I'm in Ottawa. The email didn't mention if they were sending one.

    I'll let you know...

  11. Ughhhh I can't believe they lost your transcript! It doesn't surprise me. It's a good school but when I was doing my undergrad I heard about the admin doing that crap all the time. A friend of mine was told by an academic advisor once she has all the credits she needed to graduate only to be told 2 weeks before the end of her last semester that she was missing a course. :/

  12. Glad to hear I am not the only one who hasn't heard back! Only because it reassures me, not because you are all being tortured as I am It could be because they are updating? Mine still says "We will review your application over the next few weeks" blah blah. Having dealt with Infoweb throughout undergrad I found it's not the most reliable site-it goes down for maintenance at least once a month. In a past experience where I had applied for a second undergrad (which I didn't end up doing), Infoweb updated with the acceptance DAYS before I got an email. Which is why I've been checking mine compu
  13. Sorry to hear about Carleton, by the way. Would you mind my asking if you're the poster on the board from March 17, and whether you also received notification via email? If not, then perhaps my rejection letter is lost cuz I'm in Ontario. :(

  14. I'm so angry at Ottawa U -- end of April?! This is the latest date for notification I've ever heard. Also, did I mention they lost my transcript and I had to send it again? They're not free... Anyway, reading your post on the thread, I think you have a great shot. I'm sure the fact that your LOR writers are from the institution is a great advantage. Good luck!

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