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  1. Well, research feels pretty different from academics, no? Maybe find some fun small problems to work on, to have some original work to present? I really think that original work would be something that would WAY overshadow bad grades, and I bet there are professors around who could hook you up with some problems... Good luck!!!
  2. Oh, I COMPLETELY understand that dilemma! I am choosing between a really good math department, and a quite good biology department at my undergrad institution where my SO is currently a graduate student. My SO and I talked about it a lot, and it IS hella depressing, but you know... at the end, I feel actually better and more confident that we will get through it- and if you two are serious and love each other, I bet you will. And if you (as a couple )are not serious, then ... well, you will find that out, right? Why can't he/she join you? In a year or two? Thats what I am hoping for *si
  3. The PhD Program seems like the much better choice to me- you might even be able to secure funding for the second semester while you are there. If your eventual goal is to get a PhD anyways, then it's better not to waste time on an MA program. Can you imagine going through this whole process again? And you said the MA programs only offered partial funding- how partial? Without knowing the details, I would guess you would rack up just as much debt in two years of a partially funded MA, as you would in one year of unfunded PhD. Student loans are not THAT bad, as long as you follow the
  4. Oh boy. You don't LIKE math/stats? then my number one piece of advice is- do NOT, NOT, NOT go to ANY math PhD program. They are ALL grueling, and require serious creativity, and a lot of in depth study of pure math. MAYBE go to a Masters in math and stop. As a math person, my opinion of stats is a bit low, so I am biased in saying that a stats PhD is more realistic- but everyone wants a PhD in Stats, and they are very competitive as a result. In any case, material wise- stats is WAY more accessible for anyone wanting to do something math-ish. Taking a few more classes to get your
  5. I can see your dilemma being a problem if it was you know, HARVARD vs Knoxville, but as is- do NOT accept the UPitt, is my advice. University of Pittsburgh might be an OK place, but no one is going to offer you a job just because of the name coming out. You absolutely need to find out NOW from both universities since you ARE thinking about this scheme (and I think the answers will give you a reality check): How many people are getting through the program and graduating, and where are they getting jobs? What are their graduates starting salaries? Because averages and anecdotes o
  6. I'm sorry... but I really don't see how you would get into any of those programs without something like a really good GRE math score proving that you learned the material later on, or STELLAR research recommendations, and even if you did- I am not sure I see how you would succeed. Those programs you listed are pretty much all top 50 schools- competition these days is really high, and funding has been cut close to half- why would they take you over another student? And you have to do well in classes that will be much harder and more demanding than the ones you have just done mediocre in.
  7. I saw this on mathematicsgre.com JUST now- it's an older discussion about someone else interested in CUNY Grad Center. Clearly, my Art Hisotry friend is not the only one who had bad experience
  8. I did a summer REU in math at UW- go there!!! CUNY Grad center is pretty awful- crazy expensive to live there, they have REALLY bad funding issues (so does everyone, but theirs are worse). I have a friend who is doing Art History PhD at CUNY, and it's awful. they don't pay you when they are supposed to or the amount that they are supposed to, etc. Seattle is a beautiful, clean, diverse place to live. The UW campus is one of hte best I have ever seen, and they have a GREAT math department that is very well known. CUNY has none of these things. Unless your significant other is in NYC o
  9. Oh wow. eigen- sorry for repeating what you said, I was typing at the same time you were, I swear.
  10. "Graduate admissions really isn't all that complex: Do well in classes, have a good understanding of the base material, have several years of in-depth research experience (that you can explain and discuss well) have some good extra-curriculars/awards/society memberships, and have 3 professors that know you well enough to write good, personal letters for you by the time you graduate." -- You are absolutely right, I wish someone had told me that when I started my undergrad. As for the matching system- there is NO way it would work. There are too many subfields, and too many programs where t
  11. It looks like I am probably going to Penn State U - I don't love the location, but funding seems to be steady, and the department is VERY good. They have been very nice about keeping in touch and over the phone. Need to find a place to live...
  12. equinox

    New Brunswick, NJ

    FORGET New Brunswick, live in Highland Park- it has a real grocery store, lots of cute little shops, people are friendly. Prices are pretty much the same, except Highland Park is 100% safe, and the roof won't come down on your head. The vast majority of grad students live in Highland Park. I don't mind Busch campus at all, I think it's actually pretty nice, and there is something to be said for living on campus and walking when the weather is bad. Parking situation for residents is fine- less fine for commuters. Fac/staff not a problem though. Credentials: Have been at RU for four ye
  13. equinox

    Tulsa, OK

    I grew up in Tulsa- it IS a really nice town! The only place in OK that I think is livable. I'm not sure what "midtown" means, but yes- North Tulsa, not so good. On the other hand, compared to most places East or West Coast, also not actually that bad. If you live VERY near the TU campus, you should be fine, but there are bad places a little further out. Lots of very new, quite cheap apartments all over. Probably easier to find an apartment complex than a craigslist-type rental. There are some beautiful historical areas- rose gardens, art museum, etc.
  14. Naturalizer, Aersoloes, Merrell, Sofft for formal occasions. Teva, Rafters for summer. Simple makes really nice eco shoes. DSW, 6pm.com, and endless.com are my favorite store to shop at. Born (b.o.c.) is another GREAT company for shoes. You want leather so they last.
  15. Of course it would! contact your POI, ASAP. I am at RU, and funding is... short. Not chronically short, but short. And you will probably be competing for it. Unless you just don't have any other choices, look into it. If it's your only option, well, that's life.
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