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  1. I have already rented an apartment, because I will be moving there June 1st. I rented a 2 bedroom apt. very close to campus, with washer/dryer for $650 per month (incl. pet fee $25). Advice I was given, was to make sure to get my own apartment, as a PhD student, just to make sure you can get work done on your own schedule. My stipend makes this apartment affordable, so I am enjoying the extra room, alone. Rock Chalk!
  2. I saw this article on the 20 coolest towns in the U.S. and was pleased to see Lawrence listed as #9. Nice little write up. http://matadornetwork.com/trips/20-coolest-towns-us/
  3. OnwardUpward, I will be attending Kansas' Comm PhD program in the Fall, so if you go there, we'll have to meet up!! I am very excited to be attending there, and look forward to the next 4 years! LivingLaveda Attending KU with full funding, TA and stipend. Rock Chalk!
  4. I love the good ideas, but was wondering if it is just a personal preference, or do others use computer/phone synced calendars now, and will I really need another type? I have been using technology calendars for several years now exclusively and would like to know if others do too, for their Grad school needs? On another note, I like the various computer apps to bookmark various pages, and believe these would be helpful for research. Since the last post with this reference was more than 5 years old, can those of you who have an app they like, recommend a current one, preferably one which would be cheap/free to use? thanks.
  5. That is great, that they said it was an error, as it could mean you are indeed accepted. I would wait a bit longer, then if no email comes, contact them, and ask if there has been a problem with their server, since you had received an erroneous email earlier.
  6. I will be attending KU in the Fall 2015, and would like to know if there is parking on campus for a scooter (a street legal Honda)? Are there spots on campus designated for scooters to park? Would driving my scooter be an advantage over biking/bus? Also, have any of you discovered any bike trails in the area? Finally, are there any places Grad students tend to congregate, as opposed to all of the undergrad places? Any info would be appreciated. Journalism and Comm. PhD/ accepted KU offer, TA with stipend for 4 years
  7. I am glad to see it is normal to be obsessed over checking email/phone/websites for some response. My 2nd choice accepted me rather early (a few days after the applications were due), and I mistakenly thought that would make me feel better. However, it seems to only make me wonder even more. I am reading about so many schools already sending out acceptance letters, but it seems likely, that in reality, I will still be worrying into February. So thanks for all of the ideas on how to pass the time. I have planned out moving to various locations, and living arrangements in those places while waiting. Anyone else have places to live picked out? _______________________ PHD Fall 2015 Applied 5 Accepted 1 Rejected 0
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