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  1. I'll tell you what to do. You aren't married. Choose your dream. I chose a boyfriend over school years ago and he ended up cheating on me. Should have gone with school.
  2. that's sad though. We can't even do anything to try to get any of these since you have to be nominated, plus the others have deadlines that have already passed.
  3. Some schools have good funding. The "top" art schools usually don't. good luck
  4. haha! I'm mostly Italian, but my husband is 100% Spanish, so we were both pretty excited.
  5. Jenny, I can't believe I forgot to mention the school I'm at now-- West Virginia University! I really love it here, and would get an MFA here too if I could. It is also a huge University, about an hour from Pittsburgh, and also has good funding (I had full tuition art scholarships for undergrad). Another FANTASTIC reason you should look into it is because the head of the painting department is Naijun Zhang-- from China! He is an amazing painter, and has a great appreciation for classical painting. His work is quite similar to Vermeer. OTher professors in the painting department
  6. You don't want to go to American University, or it is too expensive? And what about MICA or RISD? You never know! I wouldn't give up yet.... I recommend Ohio University! That's where I'm probably going... and I'm actually really excited about it. They have a wide range of artistic styles... a few artists that went there that I love are Frank Oriti http://frankoritijr.com/home.html and Beth Campbell http://www.bethcampbellstudio.com/category/work/
  7. Habemus Papam! Yay!!!
  8. Yeah, pretty much everyone has I think. They sent interview notifications back on March 4th I think, and not long after, the website showed the rest of us our rejections... so check your online application.
  9. of all the idiotic things that "thismessageispaidforby" has said, this one is the funniest: "If you are good, then you will be good. Its not like learning a language or how to read. You dont get better as you go" Well, I know I'm good.... You should see the self portrait I did en utero.
  10. What are you supposed to do to "officially" accept an offer? How do you respond to a school that accepts you?
  11. http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/the-scholarship-coach/2011/03/24/scholarship-sources-for-international-students is a good site, it also has links to other info.
  12. Do you have any idea what the maximum amounts are? I know there are different factors, but do you know any numbers at all? just wondering.... I have 3 kids, so i'm almost expecting to take loans no matter what, but i wonder how much you can borrow if you already have a significant amount of funding?
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