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  1. Hi..anyone yet heard from Univ of Utah for the MS Bioengg. program. I could see a few Ph.D results in the search here but none from Masters'. They don't seem to respond to mails about the decisions either . Any idea by when the last admits will be out or when should I give up hope? Do let me know if anyone has any updates on it. Thanks!
  2. I certainly vote for UF's program though you feel the funding offer is comparably less. After all what I have read, it definitely is obvious that you prefer the UF's program much more than Davis..and I strongly feel that only ONE POI will definitely narrow down evrything.
  3. Thanks for the great advice. I'm going through the same situation right now and spending sleepless nights thinking over and over, and though I do know which of them makes me happy and excited, it now feels like a decision between compromise or persevere, and still unable to decide as my one decision is going to affect a lot more people than just me.
  4. This one is not free of cost but check it out: http://www.essayedge.com/
  5. It's too late in Dec to apply for Spring 2012 admissions. However, you can consider Fall 2013 entry as there are many univs which have deadlines open till Jan 15, Jan 31 and even later. As you have relevant experience, I suggest you checkout univs soon, as its already late to start applications now. There are univs which need only online submission, and transcripts and other materials to be sent in at a later date. A few with late deadlines are UT-Arlington, UCincinati, Akron also maybe. And then there are other with rolling admissions. So do consult someone knowledgeable on all the stats of univs and apply asap! Also, a 76% doesn't translate to 2.1! It tends to be higher than that, but again depends on your university system. Most univs prefer that you enter your grades as per the scale defined by your university. Rankings and fundings can be checked USNews as well as univ websites. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  6. Hello All, Had no clue there was so much to BME admission discussions until I came across this site today..glad I did :-). After lots of reading, I guess I am no better off than I was. Would be great help if I could get some views on where I stand a chance in getting in for Fall2013. So I'm an international student, undergrad program in Electronics and Instrumentation, done with it last June, ended up in a software job at IBM(totally unrelated to what I studied) as is the usual trend is in my place. So I came across this course on Biomed Instrumentation during my undergrad, knew nothing of the existence of such a field of study until then; but for as long as I remember, I had always had this fascination towards going for research, Ph.D etc and this, I understood was the perfect field and I decided quite late in my undergrad that I wanted to go for MS in BME. Bad planning, lack of support and other factors, I ended up working at IBM. But now, I'm looking towards Fall 2013 entry to the U.S; this is my profile: GRE: 162-Q;154-V AW: 4.0 Toefl: 112/120 Undergrad GPA: 76% No publications/No research experience either in BME or related fields. Applying Univs: Univ of Florida, Arizona State Univ, Purdue, Texas A&M, UCincinnati(MS Elec engg) Good LORs and SOP I did try doing something in BME-related fields like an academic project, which was more into virtual instrumentation than BME I guess; but with rare faculty and research here, I couldn't have done more (maybe). My final goal is to do a Ph.D, but with an average profile, I would like to get some research experience, do some publications, get a better understanding of what in BME am I practically interested in. I have a vague idea of my interests in Biomedical Imaging, and Neuroengineering too, also something that will not involve a lot of dealing with biology and specimens (I'm not sure if I am ready for it), so would like to decide and resolve all these before going for a Ph.d study. At this stage, I'm really confused if my profile is apt for what I have applied. And still considering applying for Rutgers, Univ of Minnesotta or Univ of Utah; and maybe GMU (MSEE program as a safe option), NJIT(is it good???). Also, being an int'l student, I will need funding support to pursue my abroad studies. Please let me know which among the above should I apply to; and any others that I might have missed or any info that might help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
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