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  1. Mech E applying for an Aero should no longer be a concern, I've been accepted to both aero programs waiting to here from the mech e ones that I applied to
  2. Check the survey results on those schools. I didnt' apply to any of those but I saw a slew of rejections from Princeton today in the system
  3. Same situation, I applied to some aero and some mech e depending on the universities research, so far only accepted by Purdue, no funding info. Anyone else heard about funding from Purdue?
  4. So it's normal for schools to make funding decisions after sending out acceptance letters?
  5. Got my first official admit yesterday (Yay!)... No mention of funding in the letter (not Yay!)... Should I contact the advisor they assigned to me or the department to inquire about this information, I had assumed a definite yes or no would be in the letter.
  6. Same issue here but I'm sure I can stay on if I don't make it
  7. How many is too many and how few is not enough? I'm applying for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and I'm worried that I may not have applied to enough schools. I have good grades, 5 years work experiance, and have already earned a Masters degree. I've applied to 5 schools, UW, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, and Northwestern. I know a few more programs have deadlines coming up (ASU) would it make sense to throw a few more applications out if I havent heard anything yet? Thanks
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