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  1. Hi all, As a first year graduate student, my adviser suggested that it would be a good idea to apply for an NRSA. I have a couple of interesting ideas to write about for an NRSA, but I am wondering one thing. How much should this NRSA differ from the existing grants in the lab? I'm afraid that I will write out an NRSA proposal and not get it approved because it was too similar to existing grants my lab currently has. Any advice here would be appreciated. -7
  2. Whoever heard back from the University of New Mexico, please PM me your POI. Much appreciated in advance.
  3. According to the results section here, someone said that they were rejected from the clinical program because they did not receive an interview invite? Can anyone else with knowledge here expound the situation? Thanks
  4. To the person that heard back today from UT Austin, Clinical, would you mind sending me your POI? Thanks!
  5. Second this. Please, if you have hear of anything from these schools, I would definitely appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for that info, and that glimpse of optimism! Quick question though -- was this for clinical or cognitive? Your information says you applied to social programs, and these may have very different admissions strategies, even in the same department.
  7. Knowing something is at least better than not knowing anything, right? Thanks for the info, K.
  8. Hey kmurrin, I was also rejected from UCSD this morning, but I heard from my POI about three weeks ago that I hadn't been interviewed. Like you and freecube, I have not heard anything from UCLA either, but hopefully we hear something today/tomorrow. Is there anyone on this site that has info for UCLA, perhaps that they have certain days interviews are sent out, etc.? kmurrin, if you still haven't heard anything from UCSD after today, I would contact the grad committee, as you should have heard something, regardless of positive or negative by now.
  9. Any word from UCLA (both cognitive and clinical), would definitely be appreciated!
  10. Been hearing people hear back from UT Austin. If you have any info from this school, I would sincerely appreciate it.
  11. Anyone hear from UC Davis Psychology yet? PM me. Thanks.
  12. And if the person who has heard from NYU and Harvard could PM me, that would be fantastic.
  13. I personally have not. I have a friend who has been contacted, but from a different POI, so I figured I would ask on here if anyone has heard anything.
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