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  1. Hello. I have been accepted into U of T's advanced standing stream and was wondering whether anyone else on this forum has received an entrance scholarship. I read in the acceptance letter that 25 students will get $4,000 as an entrance scholarship and that some students have received this already. Does anyone know what the criteria are or how students would be informed?
  2. Also, in the wait-list letter from U of T, it states "Movement can happen anytime between the end of May to early September" so there's still time between when people decline their offer to the committee getting back together to review waitlist applicants and contacting people. Hang in there and don't lose hope yet!
  3. I reviewed last year's threads and it looks like people began receiving waitlist notices around April 4th.
  4. Even though wait-listed applicants began to hear back around this time last year, weren't acceptances for 2-year applicants sent out earlier last year?
  5. Congratulations! Even though you're on the waitlist, it is a major accomplishment. York is very difficult to get into - very few spots with almost the same amount of applicants to U of T so it is definitely worth being proud of - I hope the wait list moves and you get a spot! What type of experience do you have?
  6. Just saw this tweeted out: Graduate SocialWork ‏@YorkUgradsowk 49m First round of Two-Year Full-Time MSW offers were processed by admissions today. It stated previously that MyFile is updated instantaneously and mine hasn't changed, unfortunately. Congrats to anyone who got accepted!
  7. Yes, it definitely helps. What type of organization were you doing case management for? Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Can you provide some additional info about what you did to improve your chances the second time around, i.e. returned to school to improve GPA, work experience, etc. Also, what type of work experience do you have? Thanks!
  9. I agree, Laurie S.! Their go to answer is always "very soon" or "in the next few days" or "any day now" regardless of when you call or who you speak to. It's sad because you would think they would try to be more honest and transparent. My friend, who also applied to York's program, called yesterday after that tweet went out and was told that decisions would be sent out by the end of this week or early next week!
  10. For some reason, I don't believe York's update. They've been claiming that they would be releasing decisions since end of March, so I would not be surprised if first round offers were not made today.
  11. For those accepted into U of T's 2-year MSW, when is the deadline to accept your offer?
  12. Hello everyone - I got wait listed for U of T as well. I called the department on Tuesday and was told that they are not disclosing how many applicants are on the waitlist. That's strange since someone had posted on this forum that they were told there are 75 applicants on the wait list. Wonder if they had disclosed it initially and are now changing their minds. Anyone else get any other info about the wait list?
  13. That is outstanding - perhaps it was the dropped course or the reference you noted above. Anyhow, you got into Laurier which is an amazing program. At least the waiting is finally over for you. Congrats!
  14. Out of curiousity, what type of work experience do you have?
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