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  1. I'm still holding out hope for Laurier. I was just looking over last years stats and a good portion came out the first week of april so im still crossing my fingers....Anyone hear anything from U of T 2-year program? This is my second year going through these applications and it feels like it gets worse each year.
  2. Congrats! thats great news. Did Laurier contact you by email or mail?
  3. Jax14 would you happen to know if the wait-listed for u of t is for advanced standing or does it include the 2-year program as well?
  4. I've tried a couple times, but it says authorization denied so I figure we can only log in after we are accepted into are applied program.
  5. So, this has been the WORST year for applications for me. York lost my hard copy of my academic reference, now I am having trouble connecting with the professor to see if he can re-submit it. All the while, in true York fashion, York is giving me the run around saying everything from I need to be patient and wait (a month after it was submitted) to accusing my professor of lying about submitting the reference (a professor who submitted a reference last year and two more references this year). I also had York's admission office tell me that I really don't have to worry about the deadlines a
  6. I agree. That written statement is like a huge weight on the shoulders that I am procrastinating on submitting. As for references..although not all of mine are submitted yet, after last years experience, I told all my references that all documents-except U of T as they can just upload it online, were due two weeks before the deadline- that way I'm not running right to the deadline. I am finding however that I don't like Laurier's application to process- to complicated and messy for my liking- but I do think it's good that they recogniize recommendations submitted the prior year if you are n
  7. Seems like I'm in the same boat as everyone in regards to concerns for qualifying in applications. I know my grades from university are not great- but do meet the requirements. Other than that, I have an HBa, a diploma, and certificates in advanced counselling, case management and criminal justice; including 4 years of work and volunteering in community services so I am hoping that it pays off somehow. I applied to York, U of T and Laurier. So far the smoothest application is U of T an the worst is York. I admit I'm not too sure about which university stands for what- I will just be happy t
  8. Hey. I'm planning on applying to U of T, York and Laurier 2-year MSW programs. I was part of last years MSW application to York where it got totally screwed up, so I am so not looking forward to going through the York deal again.
  9. Does anyone have any advice on re-asking for academic references. Last year I stressed myself out thinking the only prof I could think of this year would say no, and since on back for round two of applications I once again concerned. Any advice?
  10. A forum for people applying to Canadian University MSW programs for 2013.
  11. hey glasswingz, I actually got a reply (see posts above) last week.
  12. So everyone keeps mentioning stats courses, I was just wondering what are some of the better stats courses that people have taken? and are any offered online as opposed to in-class?
  13. Yea it was posted on MyFile, right above an "alternate" admissions offer for a Ba in Sociology. I was seriously pissed. If I wanted to start from scratch and do another Ba it wouldn't be one that was exactly the same as the HBa I just finished! The director of the undergrad program is on vacation until june 25, so I sorta have a feelings that decisions for the BSW program have been finalized because she's gone for the month. If it's not on MyFile, you may have been waitlisted or something. All i know, is that one day I had reviewed unsuccessful and the next I had an email saying "congragula
  14. So I found out I was unsuccessful with the Post-Degree BSW at York, but received an alternate offer of admissions from them to complete a BA in Sociology. So frustrated! If I wanted a degree in sociology and to start from scratch as a first year student I would have applied for the program myself! To top that off, I already have a degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology which is sooo similar to Sociology that I would basically be doing the exact same degree all over again!n
  15. Im in the same position as you pinsandneedles. Time for plan b, yet somewhat shocked that I didn't even get in to a program due to my background.
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