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  1. Thanks garmungo for all the info! Are you visiting Michigan soon? I received a deadline to reply by April 15th.
  2. Also does anyone know how well UMich prepares you for a PhD. I was told that UWash master's students take classes with the PhD students and that the MS degree is good preparation for a PhD.
  3. I currently have an acceptance for Michigan's MA program and am still waiting on Washington and Columbia, but I'm wondering if I should just accept Michigan's program, which looks the most appealing out of the three. I've been told Columbia's location would make it highly ideal for getting a job after graduation, especially if I want to do something related to finance. But, I've also heard from multiple places that it's MA program isn't very good. Washington is obviously ranked a lot higher than the other two, but I haven't heard much about the program. Michigan seems to be the bes
  4. I was told that they would review Master's admissions after the PhD ones, and the results wouldn't be ready till mid to late April, but on grad cafe there's 5 acceptances posted in February. I'm confused. Has anyone had any news from Uwash stats MA? Could the results on grad cafe be fake then?
  5. Does anyone know what the likeliness of continuing your MA to a PhD? And is the PhD program equally as weak?
  6. Hi, could you explain in greater detail why it is not a very reputed program? Is it because of the part time/online options that make it less serious?
  7. I emailed Columbia to ask what my status is a couple days ago and still have not received a reply. I emailed Dood. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. I haven't heard back from Columbia either. But people on grad cafe posted waitlists, so it looks like its over?
  9. I recieved an email when I asked about my status saying that they are currently reviewing MS applications and decisions will be sent mid to late April. Since grad cafe hasn't posted any decisions yet, I'm assuming I am not waitlisted.
  10. I am under the impression that UMich has an April 15th deadline for its masters program too, but I was told that UWash won't release it decisions for its masters program until mid to late April. Is this normal or does UWash have an unreasonable late decision time? Otherwise, how would I be able to make my decision before recieving all my offers?
  11. I'm also curious when you found out about Purdue. But yeah all I have are 2 MS no funding offers.
  12. Looks like Columbia just sent out acceptances? This is looking really bad for me.
  13. Strange, I got a different more generic rejection letter.
  14. Does anyone know of any more beside Texas A&M. I've had no luck with the above method. Thanks.
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