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  1. Thanks cyberwulf! I've decided to take upper level math courses instead of the GRE. I think your comments regarding recs are spot-on... I hardly developed any relationships with my former professors and most of the letters were "did well in class"-type letters. Will try to impress the math professors at NYU/columbia for better recs Incidentally, I am thinking of throwing a couple of apps at biostat programs next season, but I have no biostatistics background--do you recommend that I take some biostatistics classes (binformatics specifically)? Or should I stick to upper level math courses
  2. Thanks. I did think my list was top-heavy, and intend on applying to lower ranked schools come next season. Although, given my waitlists at those 4 schools, I would argue that it wasn't totally unrealistic of me to apply to those schools. I may be wrong.
  3. Yeah, this would be the most ideal but unfortunately not possible. Need the money from my current job (ugrad debt) and can't work part time since I am on an H1b visa.
  4. Was waitlisted at Wash, Cornell, CMU, Yale. Looks like there's a good chance I won't make it in anywhere, so I was thinking of ways to improve my application. My undergrad was in Stats at a top 10. Undergrad GPA was 3.9 and GREs were (Q/V) 800/650. Have taken the standard Calc I-III, Linear Algebra (including upper level LA), Analysis, Probability/Stat Inference (but not measure theory based probability). My grades in real analysis/calc III were not stellar (B/B+ respectively--not an excuse but it was because I was academically immature, and not because I didn't understand the material).
  5. On waitlist from four schools (Wash, Cornell, CMU, Yale) Rejected from four (Harvard, Stanford, Purdue, UMich) Waiting on one more school. All stats. Things are NOT looking good.
  6. Hey, I see from the results survey that Yale has sent out its acceptances, waitlists, and rejections. I was one of those waitlisted. To those accepted (or those who know people who have been accepted), can you post here (and whether you will be attending)? I am on waitlist from four schools (Washington, CMU, Cornell, Yale), and no acceptances so far. Needless to say, I am panicking a little bit and Yale is my top choice.
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