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  1. Hello! Does anybody know when are Stanford's MS&E PhD decisions going out? Their FAQ page says early February.
  2. I agree with qualthian that you should apply if it's your dream school, especially if other parts of your application (research experience, publications, industry experience, recommendation letters or GRE) are strong. According to this: http://cs.stanford.edu/content/faqs#b15 you meet the minimum GPA requirements for MS at Stanford.
  3. Hi Owego, My 2 cents: I don't really know if the program is "prestigious" and what weight it carries with employers. However, Penn is a great university (not quite sure how strong they are in CS though) and I took a look at the course requirements for the program; they are essentially the core CS classes for an undergraduate degree in CS. In fact, I believe if you master the material you shouldn't find trouble finding a job in the software world (in my experience so far software companies really care more about if you can actually code than where you got your degree from; the most the degr
  4. Congratulations for those who got in
  5. I am frankly surprised, I can't imagine what their criteria might be. I'm hoping it's not the GRE so it looks like research experience is also important for them
  6. Aghh!! I hope that doesn't mean one more week of waiting
  7. Does anybody happen to know if they're still going to be on time? Panicing!
  8. Thanks justsayani! Wow, that's more nerve wrecking than I thought.
  9. I really wish it's tonight but I am not at all confident, if I have to take a bet I'd say next week at the earliest. Hopefully I'm wrong
  10. Thanks ssk2. Interesting blog post btw
  11. Their webpages (e.g. http://cs.stanford.edu/content/phd-and-ms-programs) now say that the decisions will be sent by end of March, instead of 16th March as it was until recently. I was hoping to know the decision by the end of this week Does anybody know what they're planning to do?
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