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  1. More UMD admits from the "Website" now. Still confused.
  2. I see some rejects for Maryland now...(via website). So I logged into my application, where it specifically states that decision wont be told over the phone or email, but by mail. am a little confused, how did these people get decision via website?!
  3. I have a feeling UIUC is just waiting to send rejects, am afraid.
  4. Yes some decisions were definitely sent over past couple of days.
  5. I think you replied to a 2010 post, or is there something wrong with the dates?
  6. Is it safe to anticipate rejections from above, if one has not heard from there till now? Anybody has any idea about any of these? I remember reading somewhere that UTA is probably done with its admits. Any idea about the rest.
  7. Thanks Guys/Girls ...feel less anxious now..As rustledjimmies said, now to wait for 16/17 March.
  8. Yes I did read and receive that. But I assumed that in 2 months they have got around to fix that. Is it the same for you too ssk2?
  9. @popgopuschel Know anyone else who applied and has the same "Incomplete" status? Just to be doubly sure...its Stanford after all
  10. Have all UMD decisions been made? Should I now anticipate rejection?
  11. Hello, I just logged into my Stanford MS CS application and was shocked to find that it says "Application Status: Incomplete" Now I have submitted all documents, references. I suspect it says incomplete because it shows my transcript status as : "Received(Not Official)". Does this mean they havent received my transcript? Because I sent all the transcripts together and the other Universities seem to have got them. Anyone else having status/issue as me?
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