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  1. I've accepted the PhD offer from UMD College Park. Anyone else heading there?
  2. I contacted a prof at HCII, whom I'd been in touch with. He said that as far as he knew, HCII was done sending acceptances. I'm not sure about CS/ML departments.
  3. I got my UMD College Park acceptance letter via email today. Even my app status pending. Still waiting for the other places to respond though I don't have any hopes for CMU atleast since the HCII decisions have already been sent out.
  4. Oh, I'm yet to hear from them. I guess this weekend is going to get ruined if they send me a rejection. Any information on potential advisers?
  5. Congratulations. I haven't received any notifications yet - my status is still applied. I read somewhere else that UMass gives rolling admissions. Anyways, I'm not sure what to expect so not hoping much.
  6. Btw, when did you receive your acceptance notification? And by email or official paper letter?
  7. Congratulation on the acceptances. I applied to UMD College Park and yet to hear from them. Not sure if this delay means a rejection. The status check just says " Forwarded for review etc etc"
  8. Noticed u had an acceptance from UMass Amherst, MrRoboto. Which program and when did you hear from them? I applied for CS MS/PhD and specialization being AI
  9. I think I saw it in a member's profile. How about CS dept.? When do they send out results?
  10. I saw plenty of decisions from CMU LTI/Robotics/COS etc? Anyone heard back from HCII or CS dept?
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