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  1. So did you get in?, I'm waiting to hear from Davis also, they only told me that decision will be made by the end of may. That's way too late, so I guess they're leaving me for the end in case everybody else declines . PS: Are you going to the recruitment day? When is it going to be?
  2. Really? wow they're taking so long I was waiting their response 2 weeks ago. If I'm being rejected I want to know right now. Also you have a great profile I don't hink you will be rejected, you actually made me feel bad about mine lol. By the way, if you don't mind getting in without funding, Riverside still has their applications open, and I think UC Davis also accepts late applications.
  3. I heven't been invited to any kind of interviews, so count yourself lucky. But it's a torture nonetheless
  4. Wow great story. Right now I'm in the same position you where, just waiting and waiting and waiting for Berkeley to tell me something. Your story gives me hope, congratulations and God bless.
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