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  1. I would, but its still a distinct possibility on my list. I'm going to visit them in a week and a half and not going to be making a decision till then. Good luck though
  2. I don't know about others but I'm seriously thinking about it. I think I need someone to tell me if its complete madness. I have a few offers but I'm not particularly excited about any of them. I feel like I know so much more about the process and so much more about myself after this, and a big part of what I've learned is that I don't know really know what I want to study. After interviewing with a lot of professors and visiting their labs I find myself drawn to a different area of research much more than what I've been accepted for. I guess I'm afraid of being stuck in a lab that my enth
  3. Nobody responded so I don't know if anybody else is waiting, but I just got an email saying that email notifications will go out this week, at least for Ph.D apps
  4. My boyfriend of a few years and I failed at the two body problem: Tried to end up in the same city. Instead we're going to grad schools an ocean apart. While we're both thinking about long-distance, I have the creeping suspicion that when there is nothing to look forward to, it will fall apart after a few months...right smack dab in the middle of my first semester. So I have that to look forward to.
  5. Still waiting on UCSD, but I've definitely assumed the worst. High performance computing and theory. Looks like last year their rejections came out march 26th-april 1st, so its not like they're behind at this point.
  6. Has anybody heard anything and not posted it? It looks like one person has posted an interview back in early march, and silence on both the MS and Ph.D. program. I tried emailing them and haven't heard anything either.
  7. Oh wow, really? I still haven't heard back from UCSD. I wish they would at least reject the definitely rejected people.
  8. You're probably right about RPI. They've been sending out accepts for a while, and sent out funding information a few weeks ago to those that are accepted.
  9. Hey, quick questions about UMass/JHU? Is there anyone here that had interviews at Hopkins that has heard anything so far? Nobody has posted anything on the website. I know their spring break is this week, but its getting so late. Also, with UMass, is there anyone here who hasn't heard? It seems like there is a spattering of accepts/rejects on the results search and on the website, it still lists my status as "applied".
  10. That might explain why I have a few programs that have generally notified in late february/early march still haven't notified anybody.
  11. Is anybody else starting to get somewhat pissed off? There are the schools where its obvious that I was rejected since they had interview weekends and such and I wasn't invited, and I haven't heard from then which is fine. But there are two schools, one of which I had several interviews and a visit at (over a month ago) and I'm getting complete silence (and as far as I know so is everyone else) and one school which apparently hasn't sent anything out to anyone. Its nearing the end of March. Ugh.
  12. I couldn't attend the recruiting weekend. I did have some professors contact me though and give me a verbal guarantee that if I take them as advisors I would be offered funding.
  13. I picked senior year of college because that was when I decided for sure, but I have a complicated answer. My freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted to go into biology research. My senior year of high school, I was torn between physics and biology research. My freshman year of college through the beginning of my junior year I was sure that I was going to grad school for physics. Then I decided I was going into industry as a software engineer. Then towards the end of my senior year I decided to go to grad school for computer science.
  14. I applied to 11. I was told by many people that 8-10 was a pretty reasonable number, and I tried to hold it to 10, but ended up adding 1 more last minute (which might be the school I end up going to, HA).
  15. I'm still waiting on my (current) first choice. I was okay immediately after the interviews and the visit. I was stable and thought I had a good chance. But its been almost a full month of radio silence from them (to me or anyone else AFAIK). And now I've convinced myself that I'm rejected from there and am losing it.
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