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  1. @theneedledrop please review the massive new @dream_catalogue compilation. You're missing out so hard.
  2. Personally, I would choose UTA. There are two really good faculty there in my area (data mining). There actually isn't a good reason I didn't apply there to work with the IDEAL lab. I have had some contact with the professor before as a Master's student. JHU has never been on the map for me, but it might depend on the area. I would take a look at IDEAL and DML labs there. Really good faculty (personally, as well). I think it's such a personal choice, and there are a lot more important factors to consider than ranking. I dont think the exact ranking matters much, but it is important to be i
  3. Students can definitely get internships anywhere at UIUC. It is one of the top-ranked schools and several of the professors there are the absolute best in their area. I am presently at UIC which is a much lower ranked school although I have visited UIUC for different events (I am re-doing my admissions this year for personal matters that aren't relevant); I came to UIC to work with a specific faculty, and I am really happy with that decision (I had 4 admissions last cycle, a few at much better ranked universities). This summer I've arranged an internship at a top research firm in Palo Alto, an
  4. You should try. They won't retract an offer. They will grant an extension or say they can't. It depends on the department.
  5. OhMySocks: Have you made your decision? I see RPI is on your list. Yours might be the spot I'm waiting on, if you could inform them!
  6. OGTuring: Did you, or do you plan to accept at USC? I still haven't heard anything there (but I'd like to ASAP, if you're planning to decline ). I have an M.S., University of Minnesota, 2 first-author publications (one top-tier workshop paper) 3 other publications, average GPA. UCR is actually my global #1 choice. But that's only because of my very specific area in data mining.
  7. You have five good choices. I think the choice of school isn't as relevant as factors such as faculty pairing, and lab environment. My colleague has a really good post here: http://www.theclimatecode.com/2013/02/a-phd-is-like-haute-couture-its.html . I think the best (if you can manage) is to visit the labs you are interested in with these things in mind, or even email some of the senior PhD students to get a sense. All of them are within the top quarter of universities in terms of rankings so your opportunities won't much depend on 'name' recognition. In any case, places such as MSR or G
  8. Other than CMU, I have not received a response from other schools. From my list, UCR and SFU have not had much activity (UCR sent out their fellowship admits, and SFU: ? ), USC and RPI I am writing off (lower priority anyway). Are others still waiting on schools which haven't had much activity in the admission results?
  9. This isn't a very precise question. I would say most large CS departments have an intersection with classified research. There are government labs (Oak Ridge National Labs), government-funded university labs (MIT Lincoln Labs) and there are projects which either have clearance or citizenship requirements (or both) which either restrict from on-site visits (i.e. even some non-citizen PIs can't see the end implementation on-site) or faculty and students who work on the project (DARPA has a lot of these). My undergraduate and master's university (Minnesota) had relationships with all of thes
  10. I was in the rejection batch for CS. Still hoping on the ML program. CMU CS is my second choice overall, and my experience and letters would be more specialized to ML.
  11. As I understand it, in CS rankings are not reliable at all, for a start because most use journal articles (and surveys) to measure impact, while CS is very much conference-driven. Depending on what you're looking to do (i.e. an academic position) there are 'top' universities that help here as long as your record is also productive. But many people from middle-tier universities still get professorship positions. H-index by department isn't a terrible measure of activity within a research area. Microsoft Academic (http://academic.research.microsoft.com/) tracks this, and for my area of Data
  12. I've seen a number of acceptances posted on CMU. I had a good interview with a faculty prior to applying and have letters from collaborators with this faculty. I haven't heard anything from them. Does anyone know about the process? Is there a second round or more decisions over the next few days? I have applied to CS, and Machine Learning. Really disappointed about this so far.
  13. Hi everyone, I am interested in neighborhoods which are within biking distance from UIC. I know the busses and trains are easy to use, I just feel more comfortable on bike (but being on the blue line as backup would be nice). I come from Minneapolis, and I gather that there aren't really any houses within miles of campus, it all seems like brownstones, or new-ish generic apartment slabs. For anyone familiar with Minneapolis, I currently live in the Seward neighborhood, and would be interested in a similar quiet urban neighborhoods in Chicago, if that exists. Seems like you need to go ou
  14. I'm still waiting to work something out at EPFL. I was intending to go to IDIAP but things are a bit difficult there. Trying to get an interview in LBCC (anyone received a reply from them?). The trouble for me is many faculty at EPFL have very different interests (i.e. networks, systems), so I only have a few choices for my background (data mining, machine learning, bioinformatics). Anyone also looked at ETHZ? I think I would prefer ETH, and there are more faculty I am familiar with there. We'll see.
  15. I am a student completing my M.S. at the University of Minnesota and have had an research assistantship there for nearly three years. My background is in data mining of time series data, and geosocial/social network analysis. I have standing offers from University of Illinois-Chicago under a professor (some weak anonymization for the sake of search terms) who works in modeling of dynamic networks, esp. non-human animal communities and EPFL in Switzerland under a professor there who has recently published a mobile phone dataset collected longitudinally in Switzerland. The former has a backgroun
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