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  1. Rochester - 24K (with summer)
  2. admit here. Sent around Jan28. accepted their offer.
  3. @Haggis, I see one admit in Cam MPhil comp science. Is that yours?
  4. Columbia is now starting to become puzzle. 3 admits and 17 rejects...??^%^@$%^&??
  5. I see some "rejection via email" results in search page for columbia. I just did not hear anything - not a whisker from the department/grad. Whats going on...?!
  6. Great to know! Like I mentioned in one of the posts above, one of the applicants I knew found the interview to be thoroughly technical and gruelling (ofcourse he was asked to read a paper and the discussion centered around it). Maybe his stars were bad. But that was for D.Phil anyway. By cambridge forums I mean that till some couple of years back, an applicant will get access to read/write some topics of the cambridge internal forums (some resource page I forgot). Looking back they have now removed it. Such a good resource, what a waste Out of curiosity, did you actually propose a
  7. I dont think columbia results are out yet ( except for some 3). I e-mailed the department, they said the results will be regularly sent out starting this week till next 4-5 weeks - whatever that meant
  8. Heard sometime back that cambridge forums provide better insights on these (I guess we will get access to these once submit application or something like that). Other than that - there are several formats - some might give you a paper(s) to read and the interview surrounds this. But in your case, it might be a technical interview from the professor's area of interest (may be there is some intersection somewhere). Usually the interviews are known to be grueling. My 2 cents. Good luck! and do let us know how it went.
  9. Interesting, what makes you think so?
  10. Just saw about 3 yale Ph.D admits in the past 3 days... Any idea if the admits are sent in batches? 1 admit seemed to be copy paste of Stanford Ph.D also. Not sure if it is genuine... eagerly waiting ....
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