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  1. Anybody going to Notre Dame CS/EE this fall?
  2. I also have the same question. Anyone?
  3. vision15

    Ft. Collins, CO

    @buffalowizard: Thanks so much, those were some really helpful links man! I'll definitely let you know if I decide to join CSU. In the mean time can you tell me how's Fort Collins and Colorado for that matter in terms of internships for software folks? Are there software offices in and around FoCo?
  4. I feel I am much more affected emotionally by rejections than by acceptances. I was really happy when I got my admits but when the rejection mails came, it felt like I got stabbed in the stomach! Maybe sometimes you get so much attached to a school or the work of a professor who interviewed you that anything other than acceptance just breaks your heart.
  5. I just don't understand what they are doing, they surely won't admit just 6-7 students, right?
  6. Anyone who still hasn't heard anything from Indiana CS? I have seen a few with funded offers and lot getting rejected, but nothing for me. Anyone in the same boat as me?
  7. NYU Courant Computer Science, still no word
  8. I have two funded offers right now and have been waitlisted by multiple schools. My big dilemma is, if I accept any one of the offer now and get an admit off the waitlist at one of my top programs post April 15th, can I decline the offer I accepted before and accept the new offer? Any idea?
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