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  1. The following two to three weeks, a lot of us will receive emails from schools, and many years of our life will have more certainty. Either we receive acceptance letter, and go for grad school; or, we receive rejection letter, and start a new way of life. This is clear. What is not clear, is what does it mean for us personally. Certainly, acceptance means recognition. It means the school believes that you can help it, and do well there. There is no doubt about that. Now, many will infer that rejection means disapproval, including me. Regardless how strong and rational we claim we are, deeply,
  2. So, we all worried about being rejected by schools, so am I. This is my second application cycle for PhD in Finance. I got very strong application, but was rejected by all 13 schools I applied for the first round. I was devastated. However, my ex-girlfriend gave me much strength and I applied right after for some master's program, luckly I got in one with some scholarship. However, that is only the start of another journey. It did not take long for my professor to realize my academic ability, and he advised me to apply for PhD. I did not tell anyone my intent, so this was very exciting. He of
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