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  1. Seems like my department is not ready for us to choose courses yet. So many things to do before school starts!
  2. If you haven't read it already, Cracking the Coding Interview is a good place to start.
  3. Undergrad Institution: Top 10 UK University (top 3 in mathematics and statistics) Major(s): Four year integrated masters programme in Statistics GPA: Second Upper Class Honours Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE Revised General Test: Q: 169 (98%) V: 164 (93%) W: 4.5 (78%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: 600 (36%) Program Applying: MS Statistics/Biostatistics/CS - my interest is mainly in Machine Learning Research Experience: - 2 summer research attachments while in undergrad - 1 first author paper and 1 second author paper. - 16 months research assistantship in Deep Learn
  4. Just accepted my offer for Masters in CS a few days ago. Excited!
  5. Were you referring to this?
  6. My background is in Statistics, with some working experience in machine learning (especially in language-related applications). My interest is in machine learning and analytics, and I'm aiming to work in industry as a data scientist after I finish my Masters. I've got offers from CMU's Masters in Computational Data Science and UCSD's Masters in Computer Science and while I have a good idea which one I'm picking, I'm not sure if I've missed out anything. CMU MCDS Pros: Prestige (especially in industry) Huge number of faculty who are renowned in Machine Learning Curriculum specifically for
  7. Yeah, same here. I'm sitting on another offer but UW is my top choice.
  8. Anyone still waiting for UW Statistics Masters?
  9. Due to time zones, I only saw the acceptance email in the morning over breakfast. I waited for a while before telling anyone else just to make sure I didn't get a retraction email again By lunchtime, it was clear that no retraction email was coming so I told my colleagues.
  10. I don't see what a lawsuit would accomplish either. Would be a nice gesture if CMU could refund the admission fee though :x
  11. It's been more than an hour and a half since I got mine. Maybe you're safe, but I would suggest emailing them. (Just don't expect them to reply quick!)
  12. Ouch...I guess I was lucky that time zones meant I only saw the first email 15 minutes before the second arrived, so I didn't even have the time to tell my parents.
  13. Calm down. I'm upset too but mistakes do happen. Besides, no point letting this affect your mood for the new year?
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