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  1. Has anyone else been admitted to this great new program?
  2. What sub-area are you interested in at Computer Science? Stony Brook has really good faculty if you want to specialize in Computer Vision!
  3. I think jimmy_01 is right, if its before April 15th one can change his mind by writing a letter to the university. Here is a link: http://www.cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGS_Resolution.pdf
  4. Virginia Tech Computer Engineering or UCSB Dynamical Neuroscience. Area of concentration on both is computer vision.
  5. What's your research focus? If its Computer Vision go to UIUC without hesitation.
  6. UCSB is a great option! I was there interning at the ECE department last year. A great place with fine opportunities. Another word about UCSB, it also has a growing tech start-up scene. I joined the NVC start-up competition and got second place with a software app me and my team created. I think UCSB for sure is the right place to be. Look for the professors though and try to choose which one is younger, that usually will give you a better future. When I was at UCSB the prof. I worked with was really detached because he was already chair and director of something really important and he wa
  7. Anyone going to VT-ECE? Does anyone have opinions about VT-ECE as well?
  8. Evaluate which with professor you will be more successful working with for your future. I also got into VT ECE, and am probable going there. Congratulations!
  9. I wasn't invited to interview (so maybe I wasn't considered for admission?) but I'm also an international applicant so that might be why. Any way, when did you receive your good news? Which prof will you be working with?
  10. Emails are out! Rejected, via website
  11. Just got a rejection from CMU Machine Learning Department. Saw it coming though.
  12. Yep, it's probably a rejection unless you are in the immediate waitlist (if there even is one)
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