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  1. Welcome to U of I! I am graduating this May from a Master program. You will love it!
  2. Hi! I am also going to WSU to start my PhD in electrical engineering in Fall 2018. I am currently looking for a roommate. Are you interested?
  3. juanmesh, This is just too awesome! Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to add the functionality. Now I can get a sense of how reliable my inferences would be.
  4. Yes, I think I should not apply to schools that accept an average gre score higher than mine, though as international application I am already not so sure which schools I should apply to. Is there a way I could know how many samples were used to generate the statisitcs for each search? For example, if I search for electrical engieering, the app says it used data from the most recent 20 pages of search results. Since some applicants submit their scores and others do not, I cannot simply multiply the number of submissions per page by 20 and expect to the result to be the number of samples
  5. KAUST's admission process is just too tedious and time-consuming. Ideally, they should set a date for when all results are to be announced.
  6. From my experience, you definitely need a 165+ Q score to get into top schools.
  7. Hi all, Do I have to specify anywhere in my order whether I want the score report to be sent electronically or by mail? Or will ets instead automatically send my scores electronically if the designated university accepts electronic submissions? thanks
  8. Best of luck PhdApplicant311! You seem to be a very hard worker. I think the way out of such dilemmas is to allow professors enough time to write the letters; Letting them know 3 Months before submitting your application is good enough time.
  9. You could ask your professors to mention in their recommendations that you're among the top 5% or 3% of your class for instance. The good thing about your profile is your very high GRE scores, which is a common ground for comparing applications. So, you should do fine in your applications to top schools. May I ask how did you prepare for the GRE. I am preparing for the exam and so any advice would be very much appreciated.
  10. If anyone gets a reply, please let us know. All the best to everyone!
  11. Owlet and Feanor, you both got admitted to top schools. That's really impressive. I've been struggling to get into good universities, those who are just barely in the upper quartile, let alone the top. So, what's your secret? A pretty high GRE, an excellent SOP, a good research background? Please let me know. thanks!
  12. send weekly updates during application review.
  13. Just as brown_eyed_girl said, you need to take graduate courses in Art. Perhaps try the courses at your local university or some MOOCs on coursera or edx. All the best!
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