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  1. I am an incoming PhD student, planning to apply for San Clemente Villages which is their on-campus housing. First year grad students are guaranteed to get a place. If you know who you want to be roommates with, you can apply with them too. Any other incoming grad students interested in being roommates, please let me know.
  2. Really looks like we are not in because their Open House in in March first week. We would have known by now if we were in.
  3. Did you already get admits from both? If you are in the US, they will probably have you visit them if you are accepted, some schools do that. Or you could just request to visit otherwise. Besides rankings, you will probably want to look at whether you like the working style of the groups you are interested in, whether you like the city, how costly it is to live in, does the city offer the lifestyle you want, and all that. Visiting them will help you answer some of these questions.
  4. May be USC are done sending out their acceptances. In the last two years, all the PhD acceptances reported on the results page were on the same day. This time there has been a day of multiple PhD acceptances.
  5. Could be. A lot of USC posts have lately ended with 'Very excited!' OR maybe it is genuine and we are in denial. Let's see if there are more of them today
  6. Looks like there is another USC acceptance posted on the results page :/
  7. If you are in the US, the departments will probably have you visit them to help your decision. That'll be a good chance to look at the things that matter to you and can't be gauged from their websites, like culture/the city/the prof's working style and so on.
  8. I would look at your area rankings on csrankings.org. It is a more objective ranking than what I could offer
  9. I believe they were delayed by the fires that had happened earlier. I had the chance to talk to a UCSB prof and he mentioned that their process was delayed, so I believe LA also might have experienced delay because of that. CalTech is also late as compared to last year, so this explanation might have some merit.
  10. Another working day in California ends without USC sending me a notification
  11. I experience mild panic every time a USC MS result is posted on the results page
  12. I applied to Utah, Rutgers, USC, CU Boulder, CMU, CalTech and Dynamical Neuroscience at UCSB. The one poster might have the intention to spread rumour (MIT posters last week were accusing some people of this too.) since it is uncommon to get a result on a Sunday, or it could be a genuine result reported late. I hope we have the results soon. I am travelling this week and I hope that I have the results before then, otherwise it would be on my mind. Good luck to you
  13. https://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=computer+science The fourth entry on this page right now
  14. I saw one USC PhD acceptance added on the Results page today. Although it is strange that the poster says that the notification was today.
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