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  1. Who is still waiting to hear from UCSD for CS PhD? Which area? My area is Theory.
  2. @dat_nerd To Computer Science. You? Also have you heard yet?
  3. Hello guys, I still haven't heard from Gatech. Any of you in the same boat?
  4. @froup, do you mean informal from POI? Because if the offer was sent by the department, then in my case not hearing back until now is likely to be a rejection.
  5. For people who didn't yet hear from UCSD, is your application status still Under Review?
  6. For almost all schools, the non-refundable application fees must include a much better "customer service". At least students should be kept informed of the real time they will receive the result by. Sigh!
  7. @TheInfelicitousDandy, also did the status of your app at https://apply.sgs.utoronto.ca/ change? Mine is still "Under Review" and I didn't hear back yet.
  8. Contacted Gatech for an account problem and was told that a decision has not been reached on my application. Own interpretation for that is a potential rejection, since several admissions appear on the survey.
  9. -- Sorry for confusion, yes mine is "complete". "Under review" for UCSD. -- I had trouble sending GREs. Two weeks ago I was contacted by academic advisor at Gatech that: "Faculty are interested in your application; but you need to submit GREs for app to be processed further." and "Whether I'm still interested in Gatech" Scores arrived four days after the message. And still I didn't hear back -- Congratulations csRequiresCoffee and thanks to all folks who shared information. Please keep us informed with any updates.
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