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  1. VG/E, VG/E, VG/E - No award, no HM. Last possible year to apply. Was told by one reviewer that it was dissapointing that I hadn't made more significant research progress during my first year of grad school. Sad, because I neglected to mention that I changed groups and took two semesters of 16 credit hours :/ Ohwell, congratulations to everyone else!
  2. I just got back from Colorado State yesterday, and afaik they've sent out all of their offers. I was one of about 50 students at this visitation weekend, which was their second. We were told that they typically have classes of about 30 students, but were at a major shortfall of students available to work as TAs because of a huge influx of undergraduates in recent years, and wanted to have an incoming class of about 40. I believe they sent about 100 offers, and almost all came to visit. - I don't really see them having more to send out unless there are unique circumstances.
  3. My acceptance letter from CSU came as an email on Jan 25, and a hard copy in the mail about a week later.
  4. I applied there too - and their deadline was January 15th. I'd say that they're still making decisions -- isn't the rule of thumb to start calling/inquiring if it's been 6 weeks past the deadline?
  5. Why are so many of you preening over these PI's like they're athletes? I fully understand that who you've worked for and where you went is certainly something to keep in mind post-graduate school, but seriously. Find a school you can get into, and pick the PI with whom you'd be happiest over the next 5 years. If that means being a 14-16 hour hard-worker (lab slave), go for it. If that means finding a human that'll let you stick to 40-50 hours, have a life, and have free time to serve as an excellent mentor, then go that route. In any event - don't look to others for their opinion, because those are certainly not going to reflect what you personally feel.
  6. I applied there and am waiting for a decision. I don't know anyone that goes there, but they seem to have a pretty decent program with lots of funding, and a PI that's doing exactly the type of research I'm looking into.
  7. Are you one of the people that posted in the results section? If so, can you provide more info? I wouldn't think it regular for them to send out notifications on a Sunday.
  8. I'm not sure that's accurate really. I know that they've probably been sending out award notifications to their top choices, and probably people that have applied really early. I was told by several of the PI's that I've been chatting with that they're usually sending out the "bulk" of them around the end of the first or second week of February.
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