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  1. I was accepted by BMB and was able to make the decision online for about a few days now. (Do so via URSA)
  2. I'm excited as well. I'm just a bit worried about securing a place to live.
  3. I've mostly seen people go with business casual. Wearing jeans seems to be a rarity, but I did it twice (though non-intentional).
  4. UCLA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is starting to send out invitations it looks like. I will be there on Jan 25 for my visit!!! (To Theoretician)..Though this is my undergrad anyway; I'll be here every day. lol
  5. I am using Firefox and I am able to paste in the boxes.
  6. Go to your profile -> Edit My Profile -> Edit Signature
  7. I'm probably jumping the gun a bit for starting one in late August, but there's always many of us who want to do things very early on. Anyway, likes previous threads including the Fall 2012 Chemistry thread (), I would like to hear everyone's preparation for the 2013 application season! This time I would like to include Chemistry and Biochemistry since I consider them sister majors. Who's ready? (So far) I'm applying to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, and Arizona. Optionally, you can also include your stats (years of research experience, GRE scores, etc...)
  8. I'm going to be also applying to Biochem Ph.D. programs this fall. As alluded to above, I am curious as to which schools you chose and why.
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. From what I understand (and I may be wrong on this) there is a curve in place for both of the sections. Overall, since verbal tends to be more challenging, the curve is lowered slightly. On the other hand, the standard for math is raised in comparision.
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