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  1. Yeah, I got a conditional offer. (have to get a first, if you're familiar with the british degree types)


    Here's the timeline in case anyone checks this thread next year.


    Last reference sent: 12 December

    Contacted about interview: 20 February

    Interview: 25 February

    Accepted by department and moved to BOGS: 28 February (degree committe approval seems to have happened simultaneously with department approval)

    Official offer: 1st March


    They moved really fast after that interview.


    Guess the fumbling didn't hurt me too much. :)


    cool! congrats :-)

  2. So, in case anyone is interested, I just had the interview. It wasn't too bad.


    There were the usual questions: Why did you apply here; what are your plans; talk about your research; etc


    There were also a couple technical questions that weren't too hard but that I still fumbled with because I hadn't thought about stuff like that in quite a while. They covered stuff like the basic functioning of the stack, heap, garbage collection, memory allocation, that sort of stuff.

    I think I got there in the end and showed that my transcripts are not actually forged, but I'm not sure how much the fumbling will hurt me. Guess we'll see.


    Great to know! Like I mentioned in one of the posts above, one of the applicants I knew found the interview to be thoroughly technical and gruelling (ofcourse he was asked to read a paper and the discussion centered around it). Maybe his stars were bad. But that was for D.Phil anyway.


    By cambridge forums I mean that till some couple of years back, an applicant will get access to read/write some topics of the cambridge internal forums (some resource page I forgot). Looking back they have now removed it. Such a good resource, what a waste :(



    Out of curiosity, did you actually propose a thoroughly planned research project in your application for M.Phil? I  am just wondering if we have to stick to it once we join the program.. Any insights in this?


    And, yea good luck to you :-)

  3. I just had a professor contact me about a phone interview. He's not from my specialty area so I'm slightly unsure what this interview will consist of.


    Anyone done one of these?


    Heard sometime back that cambridge forums provide better insights on these (I guess we will get access to these once submit application or something like that).


    Other than that - there are several formats  - some might give you a paper(s) to read and the interview surrounds this. But in your case, it might be a technical interview from the professor's area of interest (may be there is some intersection somewhere). Usually the interviews are known to be grueling.


    My 2 cents. Good luck! and do let us know how it went.

  4. Hi there!


    It might sound a little stupid to make decision based on rankings. However, apart from the research area, rankings still might be one of the many factors that we will be looking into. For Computer Science, what rankings are reliable? US News or NRC? (or are there others?)


    For top-5, there is not much difference, however for others, the rankings vary with a wide gap.


    Thoughts please.





  5. It turns out that I didn't submit the departmental application for UT-Austin, just the university wide one (why am I so dumb?).  I'm kind of paranoid now that I somehow missed applications for other schools, so I just wanted to make sure - Berkeley, Chicago, CMU, Columbia, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, Stanford, and Washington-Seattle all had just one application to fill out, right?


    baah! UT-Austin application was bizzare for me too. Now I am no longer sure if I really submitted the CS department application. :unsure:  How do I know? There are some 2-3 acknowledgement mails though but none saying that I submitted to CS ..baah baah baah

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