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  1. I don't know how much of getting "in touch" with the POI or professor is not rude or too intimidating.
  2. which school? I know some will replace your funding even if it gets cancelled. but again, it really depends on shcools
  3. how do you know who your POI is? i am scared to contact professors, because I am not completely sure if they are interested in me
  4. Hey how hopeful can I be if I am waitlisted for a phd program (i am waitlisted from two programs, both only take handful students each ear like 5-6)? Also, how do I find out where I stand in the wait list?
  5. sigh.. now I have answers from all schools. nothing exciting 1 acceptance, which I am not sure if I want to go 2 wait list, one my top choice. I hope someone let go of their admissions so I can take the spot. 6 rejections..
  6. tried to open. nothing still.
  7. Hi, I applied for a doctoral program. I checked my application webpage, and I found that there's an update for my status and it was saying that my status is available as of March 1st. I opened the page and my status page was empty. What does that mean?
  8. thanks for answering my question. It helps.. and now makes me even less hopeful, b/c if it were the program chair/director calling... they would have called all accepted students, instead of one or two... Someone apparently received a phone call from my top choice, and I have not yet heard back from them in any capacity. Also, I know it's their second round of the meeting/accepting students... I guess I should give up now
  9. I just typed in "health" in the search and you can find one acceptance from UW on March 1st.
  10. hey, I am not sure if this is an appropriate place for this question, but I heard that some people get their acceptance over the phone. If that happens who is it usually? your POI? secretary? Program director? when I checked the result page, I saw some got accepted over the phone last friday (which is when admissions committee met), but I have not heard anything back yet... So, i wasn't sure if it was a departmental thing they called everyone or if it's just a professor who's so interested in that student wanted to tell him/her asap.
  11. another acceptance post for UW health services phd.... still no word for me. now I am losing my hope :'(
  12. I am so sorry to hear that... i still haven't received any answers from many schools I applied to...
  13. oh really? I got an e-mail from the program coordinator saying that they are meeting today and hopefully make most of the decisions out after that meeting... Do you think that's not true? And I only saw one acceptance from the result search page, so I was staying hopeful... Also, the professor I interviewed also mentioned about funding that I am a strong enough candidate that they shouldn't have problems finding fundings for me etc etc. I kinda made it clear to them that I won't go to UW unless they fully fund me including stipend. After that interview I thought I was going to make it, bec
  14. i heard that UW health services admissions committee is meeting today. I am so nervous... anyone had interviews?
  15. nope, no interview for me. At least, you had an interview, which means you are in a better position than I am. I didn't get interview, but I met with the admissions coordinator before I applied...
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