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  1. Hi everyone, I recently visited all of the schools whose BME/BioE Ph.D. programs I was accepted to and have narrowed it down to Penn, BU, and Cornell. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each school. Penn Benefits: Best fit with main POI, guaranteed funding/a spot in her lab, most prestigious, nice city, close to my girlfriend, grad students seemed happy/friendly Drawbacks: No rotations, difficult to switch if advisor leaves/things don't work out, (relatively) far from my family BU Benefits: Close to home, in a nice city/great area for biomedical research, prestigious program, P
  2. Hi Everyone, I am currently visiting grad schools and have visited the two that I am most likely to attend. At School A, I really liked one of the professors and was very interested in her research. She also emailed me after our interview and I got the impression that she would offer me a spot in her lab should I choose her school (I'll find out for sure before the decision deadline). However, at this school, there is only one other professor I would be reasonably happy working for. Meanwhile, at School B, there were 3-4 professors who I would be content with, but I didn't like any of
  3. I got accepted at Maryland and Penn and am still waiting on Cornell, Michigan, and BU. Are decisions sent out later if you sumbit the application at the deadline? All of mine were submitted at around 11:59 the day before haha.
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