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  1. I emailed also Northwestern for BME, they told me the Recruitment day is at the end of March, and that they have sent out the majority of their acceptances. However, if you have not received a rejection, that means we are in the waitlist. Yes, they also told me the same, they expect to finish all decisions by early April or sooner. Which specific research are you more interested in guys?, Have you received some response from other universities for PhD in BME? JHU, CASE, Brown?
  2. don't be worried ... First of all, listen to the good news!, after said thanks politely and then may ask some questions, regarding funding, housing, POI, etc. Try no to mention any other schools you are applying to, but do not hesitate in asking anything you want to know about the school, make them feel you are pleased to hear the good news. Good Luck
  3. I understand you, I would go with a ranked professor who matches my interests in research, rather than a ranked university with a POI who does not match my interests and is not as well known as the first professor. If you are very focused on an specific field of research, then compare universities not as a whole but asking how good they are in your specific field of research. Affiliations with other labs? Publications in 2012 between the two labs? Try to interview with both professor and see with whom you feel more comfortable.
  4. Has someone know which are the main differences between an open and visit day? A visit day means you are already accepted? Are these terms used interchangeably?
  5. just saw one rejection via website in the survey page. Has anybody else checked the website or have received a rejection?
  6. I just read an email from January 31 st where my POI from Brown (BME PhD) invited me to a Skype interview. I just have 2 days to prepare haha Good luck guys
  7. Decisions or interviews should be very near to come, possibly until mid february .. cross fingers
  8. has someone heard about John Hopkins, Brown Univ, Case Western or Northwestern University for the BME program? I can not wait more sorry haha :/
  9. Which other schools have you applied to? What did they respond to you?
  10. I got an email in early January from case asking for extra information. In the email they said the open house will be on February 22nd-23rd. After this email I haven't received anything else.
  11. John Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Case, Northwestern, Florida, Brown ... does someone know if some of these universities have already sent invitations for interviews. I am just waiting and waiting :/
  12. I did not apply to those universities (I should have but I did not haha), yes I was wondering where were the bme people. I have not received anything yet, no email, haha ... hopefully they are going to come soon.
  13. I am losing my mind as you guys!! haha ... has someone heard back from the universities you applied? interviews? rejections? whatever haha cheers,
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