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  1. What do you guys think of deferring my acceptance to start in the spring instead of the fall? I really want to take one semester off and since the curriculum of the school I am choosing to go to is pretty flexible. Should I ask? Has anyone ever done this before? Thanks!
  2. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    I am so angry I just wish I knew what was wrong with my application. I don't care about no winning I just want to be able to do better next time. I have no critical comments on my application and I am just confused why they wouldn't include constructive feedback? Sorry for venting it just sucks when you spend 3 months working on something so important yet the complete process of reviewing and commenting is so unprofessional.
  3. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    They wrote things like "exemplary" and just had a lot of good comments. There was absolutely no indication of what might have went wrong. Here is one thing I think maybe affected it? One wrote the following: It does appear that your grades have suffered in the semesters since starting your research; however, this is likely a direct consequence of your extensive time spent in the lab, and frankly, I support your prioritization. I do not want to appeal it I just want to get more feedback. How else am I supposed to know where or how to improve?
  4. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    I got VG/VG VG/VG E/E and no reward or HM. They did not criticize anything in my application. Everyone I spoke to told me to try to contact them again after I let them read my reviews. There was nothing but glowing remarks. Not sure what I should do? Should I try to contact the GRFP?
  5. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    Guys this is a comment a reviewer left me " plan is ambitious with challenges in translating across multiple, different models and systems (bacterial, mouse, human-relevance, and/or mutations thereof) but has significant potential if the findings or strategy can be generalized to other biologics and targets." Is this supposed to be a negative review? Trying to figure out what went wrong in my application but cannot find anything. Only glowing remarks. :/
  6. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    Do you guys know if they give more than one award per undergraduate department? I know I am competing with a lot of really good people in my class (around 80) in biomedical engineering. It would suck if only one person is able to get the award!
  7. pali123

    NSF GRFP 2016

    and terrified, I have three midterms and I know I will not be able to focus on any of them!
  8. Congrats and thank you! You have amazing options I wish you the best!
  9. Do you know if MIT released all their BioE acceptances POST interview? Did they send you an official email and offer? My friend is asking since he was at the interview. Thanks!
  10. I am considering a CHE program at my undergrad institution (BME) at UT Austin. What do you think? Is this in some way also considered to be academic incest? I really like the CHE program and I love the city since my family is here. My dad is also really sick with cancer so I would like to be near him for support. Thanks!
  11. For Stanford is the only way to get an interview is via phone call? Do they email you guys at all? Have they emailed? Sorry I am so depressed I have not heard back
  12. If you get a confirmation email can you let us know? I am pretty sure I will not get an interview but it will be good to know beforehand that all interview invites have been sent out. Thanks!
  13. Congrats!!! I hope to hear from them soon, do you mind sharing your stats?
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