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  1. Thanks a lot Alikat380. Good luck everyone and congrats to those who heard back!!
  2. I got the same email too. Congrats mcknoche!
  3. I just got my review back for the Ford.. all Excellent and only a few Very Good. Only 1 reviewer gave me a Fair review for increasing diversity whereas the other 2 gave me Excellent for that. Especially strange considering I'm already on a Diversity Fellowship. Oh well. Hard to predict these things. A little bummed, but that's life.
  4. VG/VG G/G G/G Not recommended I didn't really get feedback on how to improve the application. First one said I was great and last one did too (but no other feedback aside from good candidate). Congrats to those who got it!
  5. We're all smart and we don't need fellowship committee members to determine that for us. The fact that we are choosing to go down this path, facing all its challenges and aiming to contribute something to this world says a lot. I didn't get the Ford either, but I just went on a quick run to clear up my thoughts and relax. As everyone said, take the time to be sad ... maybe do something that can help clear up your thoughts as well. Then just got back to your lab/office with a bright positive attitude since now you're one step ahead in your PhD (rejections are a major part of this journey and si
  6. Congrats to those who heard back!! That's really great news. As for the rest of us, we just have to wait till we hear back
  7. Yikes.. so I guess many acceptance notifcations are already out. Oh well
  8. I realize this is a very general question, but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions regarding graduate fellowship apportunities for science/engineering research abroad (aside from DAAD and Fulbright). This can be for both short- and long- terms. I appreciate any inputs!
  9. I applied to it. Good luck to every one else who applied!
  10. Harvard and Columbia both have strong Applied Physics programs (and around the same level in Electrical Engineering I think). I don't think you can go wrong with either school. Did you get to visit? Where do you think you'd fit in more research-wise?
  11. In my opinion, a funded PhD offer always beats an unfunded MS offer and UC Santa Cruz is a good school (good reputation and pretty surroundings). If your roommate is really unhappy about that option (assuming little to no fit research-wise), would he be willing to take time off and re-apply next year?
  12. Do you anything about the offer (funding-wise)? And I take it that the Applied Physics professor at Harvard is affiliated with the Electrical Engineering department?
  13. Excited to start Biomedical Physics at UCLA in the fall! Congrats everyone!
  14. I agree with tarrman. I also received the MS in EE offer from Stanford, but since PhD is my ultimate goal, I declined it. A funded PhD offer always beats an unfunded MS offer (unless you do not plan on pursuing a PhD, which is not your case, since you plan on going into R&D and a PhD is often required and certainly comes in handy).
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