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  1. RT @UCLA: #SceneAtUCLA RT @WoodenFund: The lights are on in Royce Plaza for the UCLA Football Kickoff Dinner tonight! http://t.co/9QAigDNhmP
  2. Awesome! Congrats and good luck. BTW what is your intended field of research?
  3. Congrats and good luck! :-) What was your area of research, and do you have to pick and advisor right away?
  4. A good way to find research groups in your area of interest is to read papers\journals in you area in see where the authors are from. For example: http://academic.research.microsoft.com/?SearchDomain=2&SubDomain=18&entitytype=2
  5. PhD is a huge time dedication. Is your friend considering a research position afterwards as a career?
  6. I didn't hear of that program, but CMU, Cornell, and Wisconisn-Madison are awesome. Have you considered visiting other campuses? you might be positively surprised.
  7. I agree. Ask for an alternate visit day
  8. One good way is to ask professors at your undergraduate institute for their opinion. Browsing over universities in this ranking is not a bad idea as well: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/computer-science-rankings
  9. Thanks for the update! keep us posted. Looks like you have a very interesting choices.
  10. Did you try contacting them regarding possible RA\TA position with fee remission if you accept?
  11. From my experience, if you wait a bit longer you don't risk your acceptance at all. Your place is guaranteed. But the program might offer you a bit more money (in terms of a one-time stipend) as a incentive for you to enrol. Have you visited Ithacha? It might be that you like or not like to location. It really depends on your interests, hobbies and where you aspire to live.
  12. Are you planning to attend PhD visit days? What about the location of the schools -- for some people it matters a lot.
  13. Getting research experience will help your application. Did you discuss possible research projects\interests with faculty in your institution?
  14. Congrats dude! Happy for you. Just to be sure -- Don't accept their offer right away. Wait to hear from other universities and also about the financial information. If there is a visit day, I strongly recommend you attend it before you make your decision.
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