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  1. Just decided today! I'm going to be joining CMU LTI's MLT program!!! Currently looking for a place to rent, preferably either in Shadyside or Squirrel Hill. Also looking for a roommate. Any advice about these things would be much appreciated!
  2. I'm currently finishing my undergrad at Brandeis, and I've lived in Waltham (on campus) for most of my time here. I wouldn't say that Waltham is impossible without a car - it really depends on where you live. Although grad students don't live on campus, I know many grad students who live within a 10-20 minute walking distance, and they seem to get along ok without cars. Brandeis has shuttles that run during the day/night, and while I've had some mixed experiences and can't say they're extremely reliable, they can be helpful. The commuter rail is really convenient - it's always on time and has
  3. I'm still waiting to hear back from MS in CS at Berkeley... Same questions...
  4. CMU LTI's MS is research-focused, and I think the research projects end up providing funding for a lot of their MS students.
  5. bricheet

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Hello! I'm seriously considering moving from Boston (where I have lived for most of my life and am currently finishing my undergrad) to Pittsburgh for grad school next year. The program I would be joining is amazing and I really liked the campus and the people when I visited, although I didn't get to see very much of Pittsburgh itself. I would be there for a Master's first and then maybe for a PhD (so anywhere from 2-7ish years). My other option is to stay in Boston at another school/program that is good but lower-ranked and not as exciting as the one in Pittsburgh. I've lived in a su
  6. I applied for a Master's, also haven't heard back yet...
  7. I applied and haven't heard anything back...
  8. Hey guys, thanks for your responses! Yeah I'm leaning towards CMU at the moment, but I wanted to hear about any strong arguments for choosing the other. I'll certainly visit both schools...
  9. I'm trying to decide between Master's programs in computer science at CMU, Harvard, and Yale. CMU's Master in Language Technologies program is really tempting because of a research fellowship/stipend offer. Harvard and Yale's Masters in computer science programs are not offering funding. Harvard is probably a bigger contender right now than Yale because of name/rankings, but thoughts on that would be great too. I know that CMU is ranked more highly in CS than Harvard in many rankings, but not in all. For the moment, I'm leaning more towards CMU because of the department ranking/financi
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