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  1. I recently got a sorry no PhD but how about a masters instead offer. I' happy I got it and will probably accept but isn't that whole thing a bit odd? Just looking at the results search it seems like this is happening to a lot of people this year. Is this very common? Why do you think they do this?
  2. I sent out PhD applications to 8 Graduate schools that have a focus on political moments. 6 (SUNY-SB, DUKE, Notre Dame, UNC, UW Madison, Northeastern) Came back with rejections, 1 (UCI) is stringing me along with a likely rejection but wont actually tell me, and 1, the only Masters program I applied to Accepted me, University of Kent in the UK. As of Tuesday my wife and I were getting our affairs in order to head to the UK when OUT OF THE BLUE came an e-mail. Is basically reads like this: (with much paraphrasing O_O): Remember that rejection letter we sent you a month ago, f
  3. Yes it certainly does happen - just not so sure it happens so long after the first tier accepts are sent out LOL. Alas 6/8 rejections 1/7 accept to a masters (was going for PhD) and 1/8 in limbo (Irvine sociology). As I understand Irvine won't send out rejections until late march, just wish they would throw me a bone to make my life easier - I hate this waiting thing.
  4. This is the exact sort of thing I don't understand IF there is no way why not tell a person? What is the point of stringing people along?
  5. I suppose that is true for one of my schools, but at least one (based on results here) has not sent ANY rejections out, only accepts. Why would they do that?
  6. I'd like to think that I REALLY REALLY would! But It just seems so unlikely that these 2 (semi) prestigious universities would be interested when I get low rank rejections.... sigh
  7. Why do you think some schools simply do not send out rejections until the absolute last minute? I understand the idea that if someone declines the offer they want someone to fill the spot..... But is seems to me that they keep more people in limbo than they could offer spots for..... Do you think this is the case? Why not send out rejects to those who will never make it in?
  8. Well his US fin aid will cover the tuition with a tad left over - he's also looking into grants/scholarships. The day to day income would be up to me.
  9. No stipend - it's a 1-2 year taught master's that he should be able to transfer to a PhD after completion - but so long as he is a master's student he is responsible for everything including tuition. Makes things nice and complicated. I sill have my finger cross for his last remaining US PhD program to admit him but if not I want to be ready and prepared for a move to the UK.
  10. LOL yes He = my husband. Sort of forgot that little detail. It's not really about getting the visa - I think we have all the bases covered getting to the UK. I have been looking at post docs - they do seem like an option. My biggest concern is money though. Everyone says how expensive the UK is, we have two small children and my husbands program is not funded. I am not sure that between his fin aid and a what I can expect for a post doc salary it will be enough.....
  11. Does any one have any experience with finding jobs in the UK as an American? In the biological sciences? As each rejection rolls in it gets more an more likely that he's heading off to Kent Canturbury for grad school. I will have just finished my PhD in Mol Bio by then but I am afraid I will not be able to find employment.
  12. Have you looked outside them Chem department at UT for profs in your field? You are not restricted to just chemistry profs if you can get a non-chem prof to take you on. We have great ChemE and BME programs here at UT and you might find a good fit there. For example I'm a molecular biologist but both of my advisers are Chem because our research interests match.
  13. Wow getting kicked out of lab stings. But look at is this way, you now have an opportunity to find a prof who is a better fit. My adviser changed universities in my second year - I was unable to join him. He took two students on after he ALREADY knew he was moving, not cool. After much stress and tears and a least a full semester lost trying to find a new home...... I found the worlds greatest adviser. My point is is that your first home was not a good fit, but now you know much more clearly what you are looking for in a lab. Take your time to find the right place for you, it wil
  14. Ok..... My husband is applying to graduate school after being out of school for 10 years. 7 years ago he was accepted to SUNY stoneybrook for a phd in poli psychology. He was unable to accept at SUNY due to my acceptance at UT Austin (long story) ANYWAY after 7 years here we are again.... He has been declined for SUNY, notre dame (not surprised), and UW madison. He has been accepted to the University of Kent in the UK. It is now mid febuarsy I am starting to REALLY stress all his other applications, ICU, UNC, Duke and Northeastern all say "under review" Looking at the r
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