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  1. Thank you, PhDerp. I'm a good 2-3 months from travelling to Australia; so all of this info is definitely very helpful.
  2. I'm from Chennai, INDIA. Planning to study Computer Science (AI specialization).
  3. Thank you, moolriaz. Appreciate your time & guidance. You've given me a lot of ideas to work on; I feel like I've just discovered a trove of information by searching for MOOC. Previously, I was aware of: "ocw.mit.edu". I'm starting gathering info on Machine Learning as a first-step.
  4. Hi moolriaz, Thank you for the response. However, you seem to have responded to the OP - which was asked many months back. I posted on this thread with hopes of a response from the OP or anyone with some knowledge on AI. My question was related to how much a programming background will be helpful in conducting AI-based research. You may see my post from Apr 21 2014 just a bit above your reply.
  5. Iyer_CS

    AWA help

    Assuming you want information to improve "Analytical Writing" (AWA?) - a simple Google-search yields a lot of results. "https://www.google.com/search?q=awa+english+books&safe=active#q=books%20to%20improve%20analytical%20writing%20skills&safe=active" I'm a "soon-to-be-International-Student" who is not a native speaker of the English language. If you rate yourself as very weak, I would suggest you to pick-up books that preps candidates for TOEFL or IELTS. However, based on how you have framed your question/post, I don't think this is the case. Have you already tried out materials meant to train candidates for the Vocab/English skills of competitive exams (like GRE, GMAT)? One request: When attempting to write in any language, it is always better to "think" in the same language. I'm not a Native English speaker, however, whenever I write (or in this case, type) in English, I also ensure I think in English. If I think in my native language & then attempt to translate it to English and then write/type, I always end-up feeling I've not conveyed what I wanted to convey. If you're already at a Uni, there usually is an English-school - they should be able to provide some pointers to help you. I also assume that there would be an International Student Counsellor that is able to provide more localized-resources to help you out.
  6. Wanted to thank the OP & the responder to this thread. I'm also in a similar situation & looking for knowledge on AI-based research. If akonlinelearning or compiler_guy are reading at this response (on April - May 2014), please do let me know. I want to understand how important is MATLAB or LISP in regards to AI-based programming. I have a strong programming (software development, coding-testing) background with over 10 years of industry experience; however, I've been away from college/schools/universities after my 4 year Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering (completed 2002). So any ideas or feedback on where I should focus so I can get into the AI Research field will help me a long way.
  7. Hi All, I wanted an opinion from y'all on the Masters of Computing program at Australian National University. I have done my ground-work & the university is ranked very well. It is the top-ranked Australian university & has dedicated research-schools. I'm trying to elicit opinions or views on both the university as well as the program (not already available on the internet). If you can shed some light on AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning or Robotics in addition to your views on the university, it will be very helpful. I'm confident of coding in C, C++ and have vast experience in programming (although not in C, C++); I don't have any hands-on on MATLAB or LISP, however. The course commences on July 2014 and I am looking forward to it. If there's any chance that someone in this forum is associated with the ANU or plans to study there, please do feel free to contact me. Thanks! MN
  8. Hi Latte & TheFez, Firstly, thank you both so much for your responses. I am sorry it took me more than a year to respond to. Circumstances changed significantly at work & I had to drop the idea of applying for a Ph D. Instead, I pursued to get admission into a Master's program; and I got admissions to 3 of the top universities in Australia. I accepted the offer from Australian National University (College of Engineering & Computer Science) and will commence my M. Comp (Master of Computing) program from July 2014 (3 more months from now). Latte, The school-system (especially at College-level) in India is not quite similar to the United States. There aren't "tenured professors" here - at least not to the best of my knowledge. I tried getting a reference, however, it doesn't seem like a possibility. Your points are all very true & many thanks for sharing those with me. TheFez, You have posed a lot of very important questions; and that set me thinking more. I have answered these questions below - not necessarily for you (or others) to respond; primarily to make a note. NOTE: It's a very lengthy read. What are you planning to go back to school for? A Masters degree, a PhD? I was thinking (back in Feb 2013) of applying for PhD; however, I have revised my thinking and chose to apply for a Masters. Based on how academia likes me & how I like it/them, I can make a choice on whether to return to Industry or pursue PhD later. In what field? My 4 year Bachelor's in Computer Science & my 10-year experience in Programming, I hoped, would make it clear that my field of interest is Computer Science Engineering (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Simulation, etc). In either case, I hope I have clarified it now. What schools are you interested in - and more importantly - why? I never had specific or particular schools in my mind (both back in 2013 & even now, after I've been admitted). I believe that every school has it's pros & cons; and some of these are subjective. Why are you motivated to go back to school? I took my GRE back in 2002; I was always motivated to pursue higher education. My family's financial situation (& the horror of 9/11) made it far more difficult to pursue it back in 2002-03. What do you hope to accomplish? I hope to learn & to contribute to the research of my chosen field. Personally, I hope to be a part of some of the leading research-projects & play my small role in the progress of scientific research. Job-wise, I hope to secure a steady-paying, low-risk employment. How was your work when you were in school? Were you a top student? I was among the top 20% of my class (we were around 40 or 50 students). At the University I was able to secure mroe than 75% marks - which is marked as a "Distinction" on my degree-certificate. Far more important than all these: I used to "LOVE" programming (especially in C, & especially systems or low-level/hard-ware related codes). Almost all class-projects that were assigned, I would be one among the first-students to complete - all this without owning a computer at home (meaning I would write the code by hand & then type it into the machine during lab-hours). Do you have any idea what your GRE scores will look like? Back in 2002 I was rated at about the top 20-percentile on the GRE score-report. I know it's no longer valid. More than the GRE (which is not specific to Computer Science), I'm very proud of being rated in the top 11-percentile in GATE (a Computer-Science specific entrance examination conducted at the National-level in India). This is a moot point, now, though - since I have chosen to join Australian National University. ~MN
  9. Hey All, . The last time I was at a college was way back in 2002 - when I completed my 4 yr Bachelors in Comp. Sci. I've been working ever since and have 10+ yrs of experience in Programming. Unfortunately - it's on Legacy (Mainframe) applications - and the clients (business managers in companies like Morgan Stanley & Bank of America) are not named or renown individuals. . My current project (for more than 3 years now) is at an entertainment & media giant (don't want to name my current client) - and I know my business-manager & my immediate supervisor will definitely give me a very good LOR. I can get the 3rd one from a business-analyst (she has more than 30 yrs of work experience & has worked closely with me). . I want to know if it's okay to not have any academic LORs - because I have a difficult time contacting my college/university [i'm working at L.A. & my college/university is in India; needless to say I have no contacts there] . I also have this other question: Will my long-break (10 yrs) play a significant role in the admissions process - to my detriment? . Any tips or suggestions - or web-links - will be much appreciated. . MN
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