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  1. Thanks a Lot!!!!! Reading the replies really helped me get a better picture of the whole thing. Thanks a Lot again for all the replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot!!!! Yes there is a residual amount mentioned - "tuition not covered by the TA fee remissions...this amounts to less than $800 per year". Medical Insurance is not mentioned. I have just one more question - is $2000 enough for me to survive? (I'm single) I ask this coz I have a VERY nice paying job in India right now...
  3. Hi All! OK I applied to about 10 schools in the US for a PhD in statistics. The only place that I have heard from so far is UC Davis. They have even communicated the final offer. Now my problem is that I am a complete noob regarding this. I have no idea at all about whether the offer they have made me is good or bad - I don't even fully understand what all the heads mean. Can someone please help me out? Statistics Fellowship Stipend $9,000 Teaching Assistant Salary $8,800 In-state TA fee remissions (estimated) $1
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