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  1. so I don't have any zumba connections in Denver but I posted to our Louisiana Zumba instructor page to see if anyone else does, but just in general, I'd say you could find someone else, maybe a newer instructor or just someone more into the charity aspect of it who is willing to do it for cheaper or free...I personally feel like this guy sounds like a douche if he wants to charge you that much for an awareness event...
  2. haha welll, it really depends on the area, I usually do events like that on a volunteer basis, when events like that do offer to pay me I'm very flexible, my average hourly rate at like a gym is $25/hour so I'll tell them that but say that it's negotiable...where are you? I may have Zumba connections near you that I could figure out the going rate, or just be open with them, maybe figure out what your budget is and ask them what they typically charge, because every instructor is different too, some instructors here charge $35 or $40 an hour, but this is just a side gig for me so I tend to work
  3. haha I feel the same...how ever will I procrastinate without you guys?!
  4. I think I did...I mean I'm not sure what I really need to do to officially accept, the email just said let us know as soon as possible if you won't be doing it, and I already sent in my consent form, but I haven't heard anything back about that, and then I've gotten a few more emails of information, but all of them just say you'll be getting more info in the mail...
  5. I also haven't gotten any of the snail mail info I've been promised...and I found out about 3 weeks ago now :/
  6. that's actually why I started eating meat again...being in Europe and having people cook for me and not wanting to sound like a douche...also, it helps get into the culture more, experience what they eat on a daily basis...
  7. ooooh I was a veg head for 3 years, ever been to top dog in berkeley??? BEST veggie dog ever!!! there's a vegetarian restaurant...well actually a vegan restaurant I think it's called the Chicago Diner? everything was SO delicious, I got the veggie reuben and it was amazing!
  8. haha, I'm the same exact way!! I spend my trips home (to chicago) eating like 5 meals a day just to fit in all my favorite restaurants...and Teddy's Red Hots' Italian Beef is ALWAYS on the list!! mmmmmmmmm
  9. yessss I am an avid couch surfer! ha...I guess I've sort of already invited myself to visit other fulbrighters, we should make a fb group if you're interested in being involved in that you could post like what country/city you wanna go to and if you're in that city and see someone posting abt you can get in touch with them...
  10. congrats to everyone who just found out good news! That was quite a way to start a new week! And I'm so sorry for everyone who didn't get the news they wanted to hear, I feel like reading all of these results always sends me on a roller coaster of emotions, I really feel for every one I read...
  11. well shoot, invite me! facebook.com/lydiajwilson
  12. ummm, did we ever get that eastern europe or balkan FB group going?!?!?!
  13. perfect! definitely, see ya there!
  14. yesss!! congrats!! I'll be in Zagreb and hope to visit Slovenia at some point in my stay! What city will you be in?
  15. it was my impression that it would be your only insurance, on your medical release it has you fill out if you will have your own, private insurance for that time and it says if you will, this will be your sole insurance, so I assumed if you have your own, they won't give you the insurance benefits, if you don't, then you get theirs...
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