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  1. I had a 3.97 GPA and received a bachelor's degree in journalism. I was accepted to MS programs at all three schools I applied to: Northeastern, Arizona State University, and Cal State Long Beach.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering where everyone has decided to go for their PhDs. After my visit, I have decided to attend the University of Nebraska, Omaha. I am really excited. I know visits are pretty much concluding so I was wondering how the rest of you fared.
  3. Being a Cali person, my mentor at the MS level told me that going to UCI makes it really difficult to get a professorship in Southern Cali upon graduation. The SoCal market is absolutely flooded with UCI grads (my MS program has 4 UCI grads on staff, which is standard in this region). He basically said that UCI is a great option for someone who doesn't want to live in SoCal long term.
  4. I called UCI. She said the people who received offers have already been notified and that everyone else was not accepted. She said letters went out yesterday so we should be getting them soon... Sad day. :/
  5. I am one of the UCI applicants who have yet to hear back about an acceptance or a rejection. My assumption is that we are in limbo until the first-rounders make their decisions, Thoughts? I see that there is one more of you out there who, like me, haven't heard anything. Acceptance: Nebraska-Omaha, full funding! Rejection: Arizona State University.
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