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  1. Hi ekmoore, I don't have much experience as I haven't yet started my MLIS program, but I recently found out that I have been accepted to all three schools that I applied to (UBC, UW - Seattle, UW - Milwaukee), so I have some (limited) experience with the application side of things. 1) GRE. I only applied to schools that didn't require the GRE or where it was optional, so I didn't take it. 2) For the SOP, my main strategy was to put as much personality as possible into it. What makes you different from every other person out there who wants to go to Library School? What would you bring to the profession? Do you have any unique/niche professional goals? Be wild! Be inventive! But also, do your research, so that you actually know what you're talking about! I read a lot of blogs from current and former MLIS students, several professionals, I went to my local library and chatted with some current librarians on what their day-to-day work was like and how they viewed the profession, and I made sure to incorporate some of this information in my letter. I know that's pretty vague advice, but that was essentially my strategy and it worked pretty well for me.
  2. hey everyone, I realised that I forgot to post an update... I've decided to accept the offer of admission from UBC. Even though I have been waitlisted for Sept 2013 (but fully accepted for Jan 2014), I just couldn't justify leaving Canada for somewhere with such high tuition. I even visited University of Washington and they were so, so nice to me! It was my top choice school but they offered me zero funding (except ridiculously high interest loans that would start accruing interest while I was still in school!!! no thank you!). The cost of tuition at UW would have been 4.5x that of UBC. That said, I'm soo excited about UBC's program, too! University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) has still not let me know whether or not I was accepted to their program?! They have the worst application process I have ever seen and I've stopped emailing them to ask them what's what and if they need any missing materials from me. They have totally and completely dropped the ball. Has anyone else had this experience with them? Is this a thing, for a university to just flat-out not let you know? I'm wondering at what point I should email them and say "if you aren't going to let me know whether or not I got in... can I have my application fee back?" Anyway! Glad to hear about everyone else's acceptances and plans! Cheers.
  3. Does anyone know what UBC's acceptance rate is? I've heard people say that it is competitive but they seem a little tight-lipped about the numbers. Anybody know? I am so curious to know how many people apply each year!
  4. Hi oincandenza, I am leaning towards attending UBC (starting Jan 2014) and I did my undergraduate degree there as well. I would not recommend living in the dorms at UBC unless that really is your thing. 1) none of the dorms are graduate school specific, so you will be living in residences with potentially a lot younger and more immature students, 2) UBC is physically located pretty far away from the rest of the city, so it can feel very clausterphobic to spend all of your time on campus, 3) they're really not much cheaper/ could be more expensive than living off campus. I'd recommend living off campus somewhere along the broadway corridor (i.e. on West Broadway) as this road has a frequent commuter bus line to campus. However, that's just my two cents as I'm pretty biased and I had a terrible time living in the dorms in my first year there! Cheers!
  5. I also marked "residential only" on my application, so it possible this did have an effect. While I'm happy I made it in, I'd like to go to UBC as the tuition will be much, much cheaper (4.5x) and I'm almost guaranteed to have some of that covered by a gov't low-income grant (I'm Canadian). The only problem is that I was recommended for the January intake at UBC, and didn't make it into the September intake. I'm also very happy I made it into UW as it was my top choice school, and if money were no object, it's probably the one that I would attend. Waiting four months to start is a small price to pay for a 4.5x discount if I attend UBC, but I'm very impatient!!
  6. Yes, I've just heard back from UW as well -- I was accepted into their residential program for September. Why do you suppose they let us know on a Saturday. It's very odd, no?
  7. Hi mlis2013, I doubt they would have any problem with this.... btw as I was accepted for Jan 2014 and not for the Sept 2013 intake, you should ask them if we can switch haha
  8. Nope, sadly. I'm still waiting to hear back from University of Washington and University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee.
  9. hey judithsmutler (love the name by the way!) I'm so sorry to hear about the follow-up by the UBC graduate school! I'm sure everything will go fine once you have explained the situation.
  10. Wow -- a bunch of people have applied to UBC! I'm surprised that you folks haven't heard back yet as everyone else seems to have. I heard from UBC last Friday -- I wasn't accepted into the September 2013 intake but they have recommended me for the January 2014 intake (aka if the graduate school gives the stamp of approval, I can start in January). I was originally quite sad about this decision, but after mulling it over for a bit and doing a little research online, I'm quite pleased as it's a fairly small and competitive program. I'm going to see about taking a tour around the campus and talking to a few advisors in person in the next few weeks before making my decision. I also haven't heard back from any other schools yet... (hurry up UW!). Best of luck with your applications and let us know when you hear back!
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