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  1. Echoing all the good wishes for Crystal Dee. How amazing how you have gotten a board of complete anonymous strangers from all walks of life, all over the world to be rooting for you! Sending lots of positive vibes for a bump up your way.
  2. Hahaha "rapidly" lolz... That is the best optimism ever to think of anything in this process as rapid (But I feel you-- all of a sudden my notification date came up and it seemed so fast, after having seemed to move at a snails pace for so long).
  3. Awww I was really rooting for you! Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy upgrade to accepted for you. p.s. The Norway situation (some notified some not) seems so crazy to me... p.p.s. @ dios Achilleus, super surprising re: them not knowing about this site! Clearly I attach too much self-importance to it... and assume their lives must also revolve around our all-consuming preoccupation (ok maybe "all-consuming" is a tad strong). Reminiscent of Crystal Dee's "my life changing event is just someone else's paperwork" -- HA so true. And speaking of Crystal Dee, HAHAHA @ "they would pass out if they saw the spreadsheet." Hilarious.
  4. I was wondering that too. Since the vaccination stuff is all optional, and since it says for foreign grantees only, I'm going to assume it doesn't apply to us? Though it is really ambiguous... How long after you guys found out did you actually get your letters in the mail?
  5. And huge congrats to all!!
  6. Oh. My. Gosh. When you put it that way (that we applied 6 months ago and that Indonesia found out FIFTY FIVE days ago) it's just insane. Looking back now i actually cant believe how much time has passed. When you add in how long it takes to put together the behemoth of an application, the whole process is practically longer than the grant period itself in many cases...
  7. HAHAHA this makes my day. hilarious.
  8. THERE'S A SECRET MENU?! Like in-n-out?!?!!?! How did I not know this?!
  9. THERE'S A SECRET MENU?! Like in-n-out?!?!!?! How did I not know this?!
  10. OH. MY. GOSH. I GOT ITTTTTTTTT! Whoa. Surreal.
  11. HAHAHAHA this made me burst out laughing. Well done! I hope it's your birthday soon so you can revel in concocting the most expensive trenta drink possible to order on Starbucks.
  12. ...subject to the sequester! (Couldn't resist). And SO agree re: superstition. I didn't add my info to the spreadsheet for the longest time because of some strange superstitious (ir)rationale.
  13. YEP everyone wants to know, and everyone has an opinion! In other news, after careful consideration I've decided that weekends are not in fact better than weekdays. Bring on Monday!
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