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  1. Congratulations CreamTea! I received a reply saying that they'll release results in May - but its likely I didn't get in anyway So are you going or doing SIPA?
  2. Has anyone called or email them to ask when they are releasing the results?
  3. ENTJ is a personality type - we like to have schedules for everything. And the uncertainty this whole process is bringing is hell on the nerves I will also need to resign my post - and unfortunately, its a known fact that its easier to get in my company than to get out
  4. I know! Its the only school I applied to - and im waiting on the results to plan out the rest of my year For an ENTJ that is hell
  5. Their FB page says that results will be out in May - although during my interview they said April.
  6. I'm not surprised. Oh - they said April, and I assumed it will be the latter part of April like others. The sooner the better I guess.
  7. Wow - thats a lot of applicants. There were about 10 of us for the MPA. I've written it off actually - as they were candid about the fact that my experience and background is more suited to the MPP program than the MPA. They said final results should be in by the 2nd part of April. The exam was actually okay - i wish I had more time to do the essay but it was not bad. I still find it bizarre that they ask applicants to take a math aptitude test where you need to know formulas.
  8. I'll be doing the exam and interview tomorrow. Kind of stressing about it now. How many applicants took the test with you? I'm trying to gauge how many applicants were shortlisted and how many they will accept.
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