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  1. I'm in the same situation. I am rejected from all grad schools I applied, and I plan to reapply at the same school. Actually I emailed to the program director who interviewed me (and rejected later) to ask for my application flaw and suggestion, but he did not reply. I'm not sure if the process of admission decision must be kept in secret. Now I have no idea which parts of my application should be improved, except GRE score. For letter of recommendations, I've already informed my rejection to my recommenders and ask them for writing next round, and they're willing to help. So I think in your c
  2. Hi everyone! I've applied for PIBS program in U of Miami. Last week I emailed to director, and he said the final decision would be announced by Apr 15th. He also informed that the interview is one part of admission decision, but now I haven't received any interview offer. So I'm afraid I will be rejected. Does anyone get offer or rejection from this program up to now? Any comments or suggestions are kindly welcome! For those of you who are in the same boat, wish you get big luck
  3. My situation is the same. Now I'm waiting for PIBS, Miller School of Medicine. I emailed to director, and he said the final decision will be made by 15th Apr. However, I've heard some students already get acceptance with previous interview process. I'm losing my hope right now. The worst part is that this is my last school I'm waiting, and I haven't got any acceptance If there's anyone heard back from PIBS Miami, please share. Anyways, wish you get good news from applied school soon!
  4. Thank you for all comments. @acquablu I wish you get the best position for you too
  5. I recently received email from one graduate school that I am now waited list for PhD position, and they will give me more information next week. I think I'm going crazy if I will be rejected or not. Is there anyone who has this kind of experience? How often have the waited list candidates become offered? Thank you guys!
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