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  1. I certainly have no plans on living like a king and expect to have a roommate to share rental expense - I thought anyone here would know that but apparently not... The $1,800 amount is before any taxes. One should probably figure around 11-13% for income taxes (with the first year being less assuming you don't have a full years income.) Also in California you will pay another 7.5% off the top that is required by the state for your savings. (This money is a savings plan and can later be rolled into an IRA after you leave your program but will not be available for your living expenses
  2. I was accepted into an engineering PhD program at one of the UC's in southern California with a 9 month stipend offer of ~$1,800/month. Of course, during this first year you try and match up with a professor that will offer funding for the summer and following years. This amount is a good $400-500/month less than other public universities that have also made offers. The department indicates they pay about the same stipend amounts for everyone so they do not adjust or supplement their funding offers. With the high housing and other cost of living I was really surprised that this UC is n
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