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  1. Hi! I am actually a current high school teacher and I am going back for my PhD this year. I have a BA and an MA in political science. I have quite a few students who are interested in the major and here's some advice I give them: 1. Before you get wrapped up in trying to figure out what you are exactly going to do, you need to take some intro classes in college and decide if it's really what interests you. 2. If you want to do any sort of social science (history, PoliSci, etc.,) plan on going to grad school. I wish I would've went straight through to the phd, instead of doing the MA separatel
  2. Yea Yeah I took the risk with the case, I believe they took one person last year...I am doing the security studies program at UCF, they offered a great financial package, and the department seems really great. I am really looking forward to being Orlando next year.
  3. Has anyone heard from FSU yet? I've checked my online status, emailed (no response), etc. I figure it's a rejection, but has anyone been rejected yet? (PhD) Applied: case western, ucf(phd), Florida, Alabama, FSU Accepted: Florida, UCF Rejected: Case Still waiting: Alabama, FSU
  4. I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything from FSU political science? I've emailed several times about my status and have gotten zero response. I figure at this point, it's a rejection, but I would like to hear something...anyone else with this issue?
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