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  1. I would go to http://comparativedepartments.blogspot.com/ and post your question there....
  2. I agree, or at least I have had a similar experience. What I have learned is that the process is extremely random. My GPA was around 3.0, GREs were 650V and 630Q, and a 4.0 AW. I aimed a bit "lower" and applied to 8 schools. I am still waiting for 2 responses, but of the 6 that have I was rejected by 4 (including Southern Cal), waitlisted at one, and was accepted by one. What's interesting is that the school that accepted me was the highest ranked (@ 35) and for a variety of other reasons, my top choice.
  3. Wow... Thanks to both of you! You have been a great help. I will start going through those websites this week.
  4. Because there will be two of us... My wife will definitely need the car, and I was trying to live close enough to campus that I won't need one as well. I will check out the places you mentioned. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info! I have a car in storage in the U.S, but only one, and I would rather not buy a second if I could make my way to campus via the bus service... From what I could gather from the website, the lease at Alumni Village is month to month... But I will take your advice and try to look around for an off campus apartment. Thanks again.
  6. I am currently living abroad and will be attending FSU in the fall. I won't be able to leave Europe until mid-August and was leaning towards living in Alumni Village (I am married) until I get my bearings and have time to look for a more permanent place to live.... Is Alumni Village that bad?
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