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  1. Has anyone waitlisted for U of T's 2-year MSW porgram been accepted? Seems as though there's movement on the advanced standing wait list, but unsure about the 2-year ...
  2. I think that one of my reference letters will be deemed as unprofessional. I volunteer at a retirement home as a fitness instructor, and mistakenly decided to use one of the residents as a referee. Around the time of application the resident advised me that he and his wife had decided they wanted to leave the retirement home and move back into the city. He asked if I would like to work as a private personal trainer for them from their home. They two have just settled in their new home and I plan to start working with them for 10-15 hours a week starting in a couple of weeks. At the time of app
  3. Also, I was wondering, does any one know if placements can take place on the weekends? I would assume that the majority would not as most organizations/institutions relevant to social work operate during the typical Mon-Fri 8-4 work week hours. But I am not sure. In the unlikely case that I am moved off the U of T waitlist, I would like to be able to commute back to Guelph on weekends and be able to continue working my current job if possibe. What do you guys think?
  4. I feel your pain - out of 3 schools I was rejected by 2 and placed on a wait list for the other. But I am just trying to remain calm, although it is incredibly hard. If I must wait another year to do what is it I reallly want to do, then so be it. I am quite sure I know where I went wrong on my application, and definately will not make the same mistake again. I have plan B set up, and although it isn't my first choice, I am content. Don't lose hope, there's still Windsor!!!
  5. Congrats Karlie! That's great news. Your experience is definitely impressive. I feel that where I am lacking is experience. I have an A- average, have completed an honours specialization, a thesis, an independent study, and have volunteered in various labs. I also have an abundance of experience working with different populations of children, youth, adults and elders - however, I wouldn't necessarily say these experiences are highly relevant to social work. I have worked in kids/youth camps for the past 6 summers (including camps for special needs, ESL and troubled teens), have been volunt
  6. Like many others, I have been placed on the U of T's waitlist. At this point it is my only hope, since I was rejected by Western and Laurier earlier this month. Of the (supposed) 75 applicants on the waitlist, it seems like quite a few are on this forum. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one going through this torture! The last couple of days have just been the worst, I have been literally obsessing over numbers... "So there's 190 who have been accpeted to the program ... perhaps 20 will accept other existing offers ... and another 20 will shortly be admitted to other schools, and accept
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